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Artist: Big Sean f/ 2 Chainz, Earlly Mac, Meek Mill
Album:  Hall of Fame
Song:   Mula (Remix)
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{Young Chop...}

[Intro: Big Sean]
After God, after my family, I ain't gon' front
Ain't nothing more important than this success, than getting it (Boss yo life up, BITCH~!)
Where my real niggas that's gon' ride for me (Earlly Mac, whattup doe?)
Where my fine freaks that's gon' ride for me (on yo dumb ass; remix nigga)
Where my real niggas that's gon' ride for me (property owners - yup)
Where my fine freaks that's gon' ride for me
(I'mma tell you like rich money told me - +Finally Famous+ nigga)

[Chorus: Big Sean]
Ain't nothing more important than the mula
Ain't nothing more important than the mula
Hallelujah (hallelujah), hallelujah (hallelujah)
Praise God, hallelujah (hallelujah)

[Meek Mill]
Ain't nothing more important than the mula (than the mula)
I'm with my shooter and a preacher hallelujah (BOW)
When they view ya fuckin' around, me and my niggas we come in your town
Bustin' them bottles and fuckin' your bitches and when they start hatin' we gunnin' them down
Don't fuck 'em around, boy I get money all day and I ball hard like Tim Hardaway
I can see a bad bitch from far away, let her ride this dick cause I had a hard day
And my dick even harder, you whippin' the charger, you put your rims on and you think that you're ballin'
I'm whippin' a Bentley, I can't even call it and my shit so retarded I handicap parkin' like SKRRRRRR~!


[Big Sean]
I get paid to the de-ci-mal (boi), taxin' plus stackin'
Yo fuck fed-er-ale, I smoke med-i-cali (BRRRT)
B-I-G Sean Don, Juan Perion; bitch fuck with me, I bet I make it work (make it work)
I oopsy-daisys on a skirt; fuck with me get a roof of daisies on the dirt (on the dirt)
I prefer, brown, liquor, brown, ladies, brown, Louis Vuitton
Condom, on, 'fo I, go to, work, that's my uniform
Nigga I used to eat mayonnaise sandwiches by candle lit
and thatís cause the powerís out and not for romance and shit (NO!)
From barely managin' to mansions where hoes call me Mr. Anderson
Command a bitch, no I donít own the pussy I just sample it (god)
I got a couple marbles missin' I know (I know)
Now thereís marbles all on the floor (the floor), on the bathroom, kitchen and stove (fo'sho)
I got bitches on my cellular callin' and confessin'
But I donít reply cause thats the clearest way to send a message (yup)
Paper runnin' through my jugular, Iím blowin' loud, throwing thous
Getting drunk (yup), you know my style (yup), and my momma say she still proud, thatís mula

[Chorus] - 2X

[2 Chainz]
I'm winnin', I don't owe nann nigga shit
Came in this motherfucker by myself, smokin' on strong and holdin' on my dick like AHH~!
My gold on, I'm the bomb, I'm talkin' goldmine
Nigga's takin' shots at me, I send em' back to their homeline
And I touchdown, goal line, y'all ain't, killin' shit (shit)
BRRRAAAT~! Shoot every nigga in your clique (clique)
I'm on one, let me jog your memory - me and Nells on the mile run, uh
Shawty gonna need her drawers done, uh, eat her pussy til' it's all gone, uh
And I still ain't ever been robbed, so nigga don't try me
Two niggas with guns, snatch yo' wallet - that's pickpocket, want my I.D
And I spaz on em', treat niggas like strippers and put cash on em'
Got a new chopper and that bitch still got a tag on it
If you shoot me, you famous, if I shoot you, I'm brainless
So I'm about to be, dumb as fuck, cause' God blesses fools and babies
When I was fifteen I was a felon, when you were fifteen you were yellin'
Mama come get this nigga OFF MY FUCKIN MELON - DAMNIT!

[Chorus] - 2X

[Earlly Mac]
Paper chaser...
Scared money never gon' make nothin', (that's right), gotta get it in my medula (waist band)
Couple dollars in the waist band (that's right), nigga hula-hoop with the mula
Everyday that I wake I say grace, hallelujah +Welcome Back+ like Mase
Bitches only fuck niggas with the cream (that's right), a nigga this fresh ain't never gon' date
Ay, they say we can't maintain, only real niggas remain
'Ye say that we the +New Slaves+ (that's right), I need to ball with a chain 
Yeah, I got a real bad bitch I haven't seen her in a month with some tits so big she can put em' in a bunk
Ooh I love it when she drop it and spread it like tunk (that's right); when I see her camel all I wanna do hump
Okay the +Hall of Fame+ keep callin' my name, got a mural on the wall I'mma legend
Okay, I'm from the motor city and been have drive, I just need a little gas in my engine
Okay, we all in the game we ballin' the same (that's right), home team nigga thats a blessin'
I'm a bad mothafucker just tryna get some credit so good it can get my into heaven, nigga

[Chorus] - 2X