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Artist: Big Sean
Album:  Dark Sky Paradise
Song:   Outro
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Okay now, why you wanna go and do that, do that?
Sometimes I say that I'm the best, I guess I had to prove that
You know I had to cop that mansion on the hill and pool that
You know I don't rely on 8 balls, no, I never pooled that
You know I always like the best, roll it up and pull that
Now baby, don't get too deep on me, I might have to pull back
I got weed rolled, drinks po'd if you wanna do that
And I be in and out of love, the OGs be like true that
Cause you know sometimes man, that shit can get way too irritating
Say the wrong thing to the right girl, you might not make it
Dark skin with a lightskin girl like Taye Diggs
And you go from tryna save her to her taking your savings
And when she do, man, watch how them bitches shit talk
Wonder how they would feel if our lives got criss-crossed
What if you lost your homie and you felt like Kris Kross?
Double cross, I swear that Christians don't even get this cross
Talk so much shit that a nigga pissed off
She talk so much that she done fucking made my dick soft
Pushing all my buttons, this ain't fucking pinball
I guess women are sometimes like a jigsaw
Sometimes you hit a lick, sometimes you get ripped off
Sometimes you gotta sit, sometimes it's time for lift-off
Sometimes I just shut up and let my wrist talk
It be like "we don't got time for bullshit, dawg"
You know I'm 1 of 1, just like the prototype
You look like the "um, you owe me" type
Oh, hardly never taking pictures, not the photo type, no
Please don't Instagram this shit and be up on me like
"Oh, you owe me likes"
Man, I swear these bitches don't know what the fuck is more important to em
The more I kick philosophy, the more I'm boring to em
The more champagne I pop, the more I'm pouring to em
I just hope that's not the only single thing that's going through em
I hop up on a beat like it's the '08 me
When we was riding four deep, boy, no AC
Headed to the game for okay seats
Now I'm courtside at OKC, I know KD
And all these singing bitches know me like do-ray-mi
Fa-so-la-ti-do but dough come first
No late fees, Kool-Aid smile, Colgate teeth
The bigger that I get, the more I need shrinks
I be in and out of cars like a fucking crash dummy
Spending money till it's dizzy but I still stash something, you know
But I'm tryna get that real real money, like um
White people with a black son
And first time I met Oprah, that was motivation
Went from standing in court to starting up a corporation
Went so hard last night that we made the morning paper
Plus my girl's rated R, all your hoes overrated, damn
Niggas say I changed, how they damn how they do
Say I'm hard to get in contact with, oh, is that true?
But what about now? 313
515-8772, bitch, call me