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Artist: Big Sean
Album:  Cosmic Kev
Song:   Cosmic Kev Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I Say, I Say Oh my God
I can't tell whats a better accessory
My new watch or the chick that's standing right next to me
killing niggas at rap, but being a mans my specialty
I love shitting on all my ex's especially
ohohohoh I'm dumb high, dumb high
yeah throwing West side bitch I run my
so slow it down like I got my thumb high
I got 'Em on they knees, like I got my gun high
I'm in my old school, I feel like the alumni
car looking like its sitting on 30 floors
30 doors, 30 whores, few black bitches & perky whores
This shit looks like Jersey Shore
I'm on fire boy loose cannon
my car Bruce Wayne, I feel like I'm Bruce Brana
I'm ripping clothes off
car so big when I whip that shit
don't stand to close when I hit them curves, mother fucka might clip them toes off
I said BIG I'm that important
You spend all night with her spooning, I spend all night with her forking
riding low puffing on Loud
I came to far to up end her now
text from my Mom's saying "Me & Your Grandma proud"
I'm way to deep in the game to go sit back in the crowd
teacher told my get a job save up for 401k
I'd rather be young as hell counting 401k
I'ma probably die getting some head
I'm just multiplying my money & dividing the legs
B.I. whaaat
but I'm never dividing the bread
Bitch I bet I'll go to debit if I don't get the cred.... that I deserve
Yo I say, I'm throwing west side up like Pac
when they pop yo block up, b-b-b-block up
Big Poppa, flock off
You holy, lil Woly, Holy kimoly, Chewbacca
I'm Lensiauga Ormez, but I bet You that You wont find it
Rocking Louie and MCM guess I'm closed minded
Promise me you wont below up in the Joe Bynum
I'm in yo city just chillen, where all yo hoes hiding
20k for the wrist, cause its 24 karats
and I cant lie, the price will probably go up when I wear it
I'm just D-town repping
and making all these niggas that second guessed it, regret it
regret it like half the hoes I smash in the sheets
at least now I realize how much I love Assie Marie
and when its all said and done, I'll probably give her my knee
she put with way too many games not to have a ring, boy