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Artist: Big Sean f/ Mr. Hudson
Album:  Way Out (S)
Song:   Way Out
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Man I wish that I could kill her
I wish that I could still feel her
Now I'm at the club looking for a fill up
Bar tender make sure my drink stay filled up
Man look at this mess I'm in
In my darkest hours I can't see the horizons
But I still remember her sizes
34 - 22 - 35 eeh...
Eh, and I'm the man to these broads
Who one glass I could get 'em to ménage
Through all of the screaming and all the applause
I'm Mr Big Shot, but you was my star
Hey Juliet I guess our books done, huh?
You know I ain't book smart
Cause I just thought it was a book mark
And we could've pick up where we left off

[Chorus: Mr Hudson]
There's nothing left to say, now
Cause I'll be on my way, now
And I'll be moving way out, way out, way out...
There's nothing left to say, now
Cause I'll be on my way, now
And I'll be moving way out, way out, way out
Out of your way...

[Verse 2]
Man I wish that I could shoot her
I wish that I never knew her
Man what I'm suppose to do, huh?
She my backbone how I'm suppose to maneuver?
And I know I said it last time
But I swear last time was the last time
But now she say it's all past time
And I feel like I see my flat line
And I'm suppose to be a man and all
But when you get that involved
You gotta start thinking with your head
Nah your real head, not the one in your pants and uh...
Man she was suppose to be my baby
Man we was suppose to see a baby
Man I would've gave her everything
Better life, wedding ring, everything we never seen...
I guess we'll never see it now


[Verse 3]
Man I wish that I could stab her
Remember when I used to grab her
I wish a nigga still had her
It's gone hurt to see another nigga have her
When I call there's no answer
And she ain't love Big Sean she loved Sean Anderson
Man you could probably feel me dying
And you could probably hear her crying
She killing me from the inside out
Took everything in the crib that was inside, out
She priceless, and I can't afford it
You want space baby and I gave you orbit
So come home, home is where the heart is
She say whenever I'm here I feel heartless
So it's time to part then...
I beg your pardon?
We'll be back tomorrow, nah!