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Artist: Big Daddy Kane
Album:  Veteranz Day
Song:   Uncut, Pure (Original and Remix)
Typed by: {with help from liner notes}

See the crowd in an uproar acting unstable
Here comes Dark Gable raps remarkable
Mic ripper, cash flipper, Cristal sipper
Derrie're batalliere that's French for ass whipper
Long time putting work in this, to be tremendous
If  I'm not the best then I'm a damn striking resemblance 
I roll the dice on the streets that be cold as ice
And cause great disturbance just like a poltergeist
I come attacking this enrage to disengage the missing page 
To the newest in age that's hitting stage
For I be one that knows the art
To get you up and out your seat, if you was Rosa Parks
Tell me how much can you take from me the man to make 
Rhymes that's so butter my breath smell like land o lakes 
You know the lick, seen me hit em like a brick 
Plus my posse run thick, not that click from Mario flick
Beware of one of the best they be
You wanna test the God I hope you mean a SAT 
Because your poetasterous style it plain bore me 
Pardon the vainglory, but here's the Kane story

Bringing you that uncut pure, knocking at your door
About to give you more of the raw
Point yo hands up to the sky

Verse 2
Fuck the chorus 
And let the lyrics sit up in the track like rigamortis
I spit a few to listen to when this I do it's as if as you
Was invisible it'll make your life miserable 
Hip-hop icon, keep a grip like a python
I be that wrong one to get fly on
Boy you got to get that playa hatin' out you
That's the other side of the game and I ain't Erykah Badu
Black Caesar, don't you even reach my way
You'd sooner find a vital point that's on Priest Pai Mae
I heat it up to where I pasteurize half the guys 
A fast demise disaster lies as he dies
Confront one of the best at rhyming
What I write it be so rough that my ink pen need alignment
The untouchable, don't want to tempt me
I come kicking through your door, unlawful entry 
It be me, even though none of y'all want to see me 
For real, damn I know how Jehovah's witness feel 
I remember how I formed it up 
Cause I took what was raw and then I warmed it up
Turned the fire down to simmer as I calmed it up
But take a look I think the Kane about to overcook
Come and get it, but you better come with paramedics
Cause you couldn't bring it to me if you worked for Fed Ex
I come cutting through split his gut in two
I touch em what em do you know the style ain't nothing new

Bringing you that uncut pure, knocking at your door
About to give you more of the raw
Point yo' hands up to the sky, high
Get on down baby we keep it live

Verse 3
A good game it lets the plot thicken, 
but the thing that just ain't clickin'
Is the way y'all legalize trickin'
You talk about your ride and you don't even got one
But I can pull a hot one, when inside of a Datsun
The wicked in the bed, plus the wicked in the head
When I shoot the game, it's like my tongue got infra red
Let the Messiah take you higher as I supply ya' what you require
Desire and admire it entire
Sudden impact as I'm guttin' em black
Closest thing to me would be; nothin' in fact
I come with more in skill, to always score and kill 
Females adore and thrill, sweeter thang than Lauryn Hill
As I return with a vengeance, here comes the day of independence 
Approach them all with some bad intentions 
In other words I'm making them resign, diminish mine
Runnin' through them like a finish line