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Artist: Big Pokey f/ Mobb Style
Album:  Evacuation Notice
Song:   Grit Grind
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah, 2008 nigga come back with it
Crock Bull Texas, let's go

[Chorus - 2x]
Grit grind, grit grind
Grit grind, go on get your hustle on

[Big Pokey]
I keep it gangsta gangsta, I got a gangsta grind
Head to heel on the real nigga, gangsta'd down
Toting that fo' pound, cause it's hood out here
One shot one kill, it's like the woods out here
It's magic, when I rock my yay
And it's havoc when I got that automatic, and I rock my prey
Flash flood when I cop my bay, call me slither bomb
Niggaz can't stop my pay, they come and get me some
I keep a bad hoe, hugging my dick
Snub nose on me homie, juggling the split
Nigga 'Dina keep it lit, like a bag of kush
Keep a bag to drag on, trash bag to push
This the life, waking up when you wanna
The early bird get the worm, I wake up on the corner
I don't work a nine to five, I cake up on the corner
Five first class flights, and wake up in Daytona

[Chorus - 4x]

Hey it's the black man crack man, back again
The Pac-Man trying to get that, scratch again
28 8 balls, racking em in
Proofing my stamp, then package to flip
Hey we got work we got purp, we got weed
We got dro we got hoes, baby whatever you need
We can get it in the hood, Dead End Yellowstone Southwest
3-4-5, H-Town holla lil' partna
I'm in the hood I'm on the porch, like a old school mailbox
The diamond eyed fella, will not sell rocks
Before I do, I'll be a pimp to my lil' girl mama
I'd rather ride 24's, on a Impala
Black body black bucket, black rims on it
I'm in the hood, right next to my nigga Pokey
I been a old school, slower than a damn donkey
Hit your boulevard, tipping with the rims poking

[Chorus - 4x]

[Chris Ward]
Look I earn to invest, cause I learned from the best
And pack acid reflux bullets, that'll burn in your chest
And it's none other than your young big homie, C. Whodi
That stays on his grit, and grind like E-40
A real hustler don't talk about it, he be about it
And if he ain't a real hustler, then he be without it
That's why in this game, I stay on top of my route
Remember me, I'm the one that got popped with five in the drought
And what you do, made bond and went and did it again
Told the laws fuck them, cause big Ben is my friend
Bought a high priced lawyer, just to fight that shit
Went to court, and told em all ya'll can bite my dick
You know C. Wigga, nigga I does what it do
Just to do what it does, on a corner near you
It's M-S, till the day that I die
And I'ma grind for mine, till my soul fly way in the sky bitch

[Chorus - 4x]