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Artist: Billy Cook f/ Lil' Keke
Album:  R&B Gangsta
Song:   So Throwed
Typed by: Lil Hustle

(Billy Cook)
I need to find me a shorty, shorty
Baby, oh-no-no-no-no-ooooh

[Billy Cook]
I seen this shorty, she really caught my eye
With a twist in her hips, as she waved to me hi
So I tried to call her, while my head was turned
She had gave me a look, that really had me concerned
She was so throwed, and so off the chain
Had every guy in the mall, asking her name
And since the outfit that you wore, had me going insane
It was lick your lips and move your hips, and flex a navel chain
The way she took, her time to walk
I guess she's walking slow, for me to catch up with her
She laughed at me, I made her smile
When I spoke to her, and she smiled at me
Then she moved her hips, to talk to me
When her friends were, coming up to walk with her
They were talking interrupting us, guess they saying
Another guy, was so throwed

(so throwed), you know your body's banging baby
(so throwed), you got a playa going crazy
(so throwed), I like the way you flex that thang
So throwed, I gotta know your name
(so throwed), you know your body's banging baby
(so throwed), you got a playa going crazy
(so throwed), I like the way you flex that thang
So throwed, your body's off the chain

[Billy Cook]
See I passed her down the mall, with a Gucci outfit on
Playas jocking her, while she was on her cellular phone
She was looking so good, with her hair and toes all done
Baby girl was iced up blinged out, and I know she was the one
While she was standing there, in line to pay for her clothes
With an hour glass shape like Cleopatra, turning heads like whoa
I didn't notice, that her friends were peeping me
But time was running out, and my boys were calling me
My partnas tried, to hint to me
That they had seen, her
With another guy, but tonight was right
She's standing, right in front of me
At the same time, that we react
Was not even there, was not even there
She should of told me, told me front outside
That you had a man, that you had a man

Yeeeeah so throwed, baby you're so off the chain
Don't you know, your whole body banging baby
Don't you know, you look so good to me
Girl you know, that it's extasy from the first time that I saw you
Girl I think it's L-O-V-E girl, oh-oh-oh-oh-oooooh

[Lil' Keke]
I done been through a bunch of thangs, different women all types of games
No time to start naming names, I'm still a playa ain't nothing changed
Baby girl you just so fly, can't wait to get between them thighs
Day number one you caught my eye, throwed as hell I can't even much lie
Looking at you bout to lose my high, so sexy trying to figure out why
How was I gonna pass you by, must of been that chocolate tie
You got niggaz on the plex with me, just cause you done had sex with me
Riding in the Bentley right next to me, across the world writing checks with me
Come on me and you together when I flip, if I'm in a party you on that ship
If I'm in the air you take that trip, if you fall off I just might slip
Sucker for love I ain't never been the one, but I must say that you got me sprung
Love the way that you work that tongue, here on out you Lil' Keke the Don's
Can't see myself giving this thang up, tell them boys that they all out of luck
After the Benz I'ma get you a truck, you mine's forever so I guess you stuck
Everytime wheel on you take control, follow ten minutes put me in the mode
You just keep it real man I'm swoll, Lord oh mercy girl you so throwed

(Billy Cook)
You know, your body bang baby-baby
You got a playa, going crazy
I like the way, you flex that thang
Don't you know, your body's off the chain girl
You're the type of girl, that make a playa say whoa
Make you spend, all your do' up in the club
Back it up, go on lock just like it go
Twerking it jerking it, like a pro
Don't you know, that your body bang
Don't you know, that you're off the chain
Girl I like it, when you move it so slow
Like in the video, just like how it go
So slow, heeeey oh-oh-oh-oh-oooooh
Yeeeeah, girl don't you know you're off the chain
Go on let it rain, go on let it rain
Chain-chain oh you throwed, so throwed so throwed