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Artist: Bizarre f/ Young Miles
Album:  Hannicap Circus
Song:   Intro
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{"Sound, camera, annnnnd action!"}
[Intro: Young Miles]
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Bitches and hoe-ass niggaz, the weirdo is back
I want e'rybody right now to put yo' blunts up
You're now listenin to Bizarre's solo album, the "Hannicap Circus"
And I'm your boy Young Miles the Future
And my man's about to get it crackin for y'all
The band has a new lead singer, everybody stand up
Put your motherfuckin hands up for the number one weirdo
Heyyy bitch! It's your nigga with the shower cap
Kickin a nasty, dirty filthy rap
DETROIT'S ON THE MAP  and D12's back
Any nigga pop shit, get his ass smacked (what?)
I got two lesbians, full blown AIDS (eww)
Twenty bucks, you can get yo' ass laid
Welcome to Detroit, where the city is cold
Where niggaz ride on potholes and fuck up they 24's
Come to {?} where niggaz drinkin Brew
Where Osh Kosh, stays open at two
7 Mile and Stout is where you'll find me (yeah)
Or downtown, where it's gritty and grimy
Detroit, the home of the trick hoes
Monte Carlos, smokin gans by the O's
But if you want weed, holla at my man
7 Mile, the home of strawberry gans
[Bizarre  singing]
Detroit is in the house and I thought I let you knowwww
We smokin gans and got the greens, by the OOOOO's
This is 3-1-3 and I thought I would let you knowwww
Detroit to East side to West side nigga, let's go! {*echoes*}