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Artist: Biz Markie
Album:  All Samples Cleared
Song:   Bad by Myself
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah yeah yeah
Let me tell you a story now

[Verse One]
I was in front of the Apollo on Amateur Night
It was after the show, and the moon was right
The {?} was really perked off the Red Zone
I was in my MPV, I was all alone
A lot of out-of-town people askin me for
My John Hancock or my signature
I gave it to, all of them cause I was down to earth
And plus the Apollo is my home turf
So I walked across the street 'til I'm on, 125
I saw this pair of shoes that was really live
It wasn't just a pair of shoes, that was on her
From the ground up, she looked like a plate of lasagna
I said, "Hey shorty, not you, your hair"
She turned around slowly and started to stare
She said, "Why don'tcha take picture, it'll last a lil' longer?"
Me likin you grew a little bit stronger
She asked me what's my name I said, "Emmezah emmezah"
"The name that your momma gave ya is what I prefer"
She asked me what am I drivin, and how is my health
I know what you're really thinkin baby, LET ME TELL YOU!

[Chorus One - Biz singing]
I can do bad by myself
I don't need no help, to starve to death
I can do that alone
I can do bad by myself
I don't need no help, to starve to death
I ain't tryin to be funny honey

[Verse Two]
She started arguin with me, and say she's not like that
I know who you are, I don't care if you're livin fat
Because I have a mother and father that take care of me
And I'm livin in Long Island with a J-O-B
Okay okay I got you wrong, I must admit
I'ma give you a little time to see if you're legit
So we started goin out on a regular basis
I was takin her to the movies and my hangout, places
Like the Q Club, The Scene, or The Arcade
I thought this relationship was tailor-made
Cause she was sweet kind considerate I, was hypnotized
Never thought she'd try to pull the wool, over my eyes
After I smacked it and flipped it, she thought I was whipped
I know she is like a knockout but I'm not gettin bullwhipped
She asked me why I am so stingy I know you got the ends
Because you got two MV's, two BM's, an SL Benz
What are you my accountant or the IRS?
Why ya clockin everything that I posess?
She want me to waste everything and be small as an elf
Let me tell you somethin baby, let me tell you

[Chorus Two - Biz singing]
I can do bad by myself
I don't need no help, to starve to death
I can do that on my own
I can do bad by myself
I don't need no help, to starve to death
I ain't tryin to be funny honey

[Verse Three]
Now all her friends boosted her, to get my dinero
Like if I was a drunk Mexican, wearin a sombrero
I knew she had a boyfriend on the side
She told me, yo, she didn't have to hide
She said she cut him because he was too jealous
He always thought I was tryin to talk to other fellas
It's now the present, and that was the past
From now on bein with me, is gonna be a blast
I know she thought in her mind, it's gonna be great
Juicin and reducin everything I make
With her Victoria's Secrets neglice
She tried to seduce me in every way
She would come out to Jersey rain sleet or snow
She acted too true blue to be after my dough
My man, Jeff told me but I didn't wanna listen
I was too hooked, and strung out, I thought he was dissin
Then she popped the question, and asked me for some dough
I looked her in her face and said, "HELL NO!!!"
You're a head nurse and you want my wealth?
You must be CRAZY AS HELL, cause

[Chorus One]

[Biz singing]
Let me tell you know
All day long, you been talkin on the telephone
Braggin to all your friends, about all the cars that I own
But YOUUUUUU don't tell 'em, that I'm the one doin it all
While you're out there livin it up, and havin yo'self a ball

[Chorus Two]

[Biz singing]
Ummm, whoah-whoah, yeah-yeahhhh!
I can sing-ing-ing-ing..