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Artist: Biz Markie
Album:  All Samples Cleared
Song:   Groovin'
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash *

* even for Biz, this is REALLY mush mouthed - corrections welcomed

One-two one-two
This is a groove, y'knahmsayin?  We just gon' get down
My name is um, Biz Mark
Got my man Cool V in the um, in the um thang
And I can't forget my man, Everett-is-an-zell{?}
We gonna give love to
I'd like to give a very special um, thanks to my man LG
{?} and, I'd like to uhh, kick it a lil' somethin like this
Check it out now

[Verse One]
Words of wisdom, knowledge of understandin
To be like me takes practice and plannin
Come out fresh, like graANNNNNND openin
Fender bender, loan shark lender
Kareem changed his name, from Lew Alcindor
The Bob Barker, the {?} stopper
The mad harper, the Cyndi Lauper
To be or not to be a celebrity
A little, comedy with Eddie Murphy
Grandmaster Flash, Treacherous Three
And the King of Rockers, Run-D.M.C.
To all the girls and boys, like to make noise
Crazy gents, spendin dollars and cents
Women and men that borrow and lend
And all the children that try to pretend
to be a Prince {?}, or Jackson
Now my man Michael loves to eat cycle
crazy wings off the gravy train
My great dane Joey, so bowl a household
With the b-boy product that'll help them grow
We don't give 'em milk because that give 'em the craps
We feed 'em um, sausages and liver snaps
but seriously, I'm in the place to be
But it ain't a place to be without me me me
Between herpes and AIDS, I'd rather have VD
Gonorrhea syphillis is a real bad case
You get goner in her pants, rhea in her face
I wouldn't stick mine in her, beeehind
{*babbling*} a without vine
{*babbling*} one heck of mine, mine mine mine

And we gon' give a little shoutout
This is a little shoutout, right here
I just wanted to give it to 'em like this, knahmsayin?
This goes out to my man Sweet G from The Fever
God bless you
And, this goes out to umm, Gangsta Lou
AZ from the Mossdown Crew
Freddie Jones {?} the whole 132 posse
Like the Wooka Wooka Girls, and Cuttin' Crew
And I, gotta give a, shoutout to my man Londell
And Cornell, from the MVS, Cuttin' Crew
On a 148th Avenue
I gotta give a little shoutout to my man
Unique and the Mega Audio Crew
I can't forget Kool G. in the Willie's Lounge
And Willie got the good food up there with him
With them {*babbling*} knahmsayin?  Okay
I'd like to give a little shoutout to my man Cash Money from Philly
I gotta give a shout out to uhhhhhhh, DJ Roy
And Mike and God Build and the whole Rolls International Posse
at the Q Club, and, I can't forget my posse from umm..
Long Island you know, you know what I'm talkin about man
I'm talkin about like the {?} Posse and all my boys like um
New York, Alvin and uhh EPMD and all them
And my man Redman and all them, yknahmsayin
But lemme just kick a lil' somethin for you baby
Cause you know how we go, we go back like um British {?}
Uh-huh, uhhhhhhhhhh yeah
Okay, I would I would like to kick this out to my man
Umm, Big Joe from Farmers, uhh and me and my man {?}
And the whole Queens Posse like my man Big D
And the whole, everybody like I gotta give a shoutout
to my man, uhh, Unique, and umm, Dewmar
They up in Greenhaven I think he got showtime I think he got showtime
And, this goes out to my man, my man, Aaron, and his pops
At the Sugar Hill baby, you know how that go
My man Ron Beard umm, The Mirage down in D.C.
I gotta give a shoutout to Rare Essence, like my man Greyfoots
And my man Funk, you know how we do Funk baby
I gotta give a shoutout to all my Jersey people, knamsayin baby?
Like ummm, Alaganza, annnnnd, Skandals
I don't know if it's open any more, but uhh, we was there before
HEH, uh-HEH, we gotta give a shoutout to, Mirage
Club {?} Zanzibar, uhhh
Everybody downtown Elizabeth, midtown uptown Elizabeth
Gotta give a shoutout to Lee-Lee, my man Haas
My man Kaseem, y'all know where he at, you know I know where he at baby
I gotta give a shoutout to Godfather D
And uh, Bee, you know Backspin, you know how we go, we go back
I gotta give a shoutout to Shawn Corleone
And the whole {?} M.J., Dre Dog, Kwan, Kev, Rudy
And the President {?}
And, I don't know if I forgot anybody, but
Uhh if I did I'm sorry, but I'd like to give a shoutout
To you know my man Rob, my man Ricky, uh Raheem
My man Jim.. and WE GON' GET... 

{*fades out - thankfully*}