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Artist: Biz Markie
Album:  Turn the Party Out 12"
Song:   Turn the Party Out
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Y'all know me as the B-I-Z
That roc the microphone most definately
Bringing you styles that you never heard
Like brother thug like brother nerd
I'm real super, high in the 80's
Even Austin Powers'd say "yeahh baby"
The hip hopper unpredictable showstopper
Whatever I say, ya know its proper
Cuz when I kick it, I kick it like a field goal
Like Erik B and Rakim ya know I got soul
I got funky rhymes that blow your mind
Buggin you out without a doubt every single time
I'm cookoo for cocoa with my vocal
When I'm in san francisco or when i'm local
The "M-a forever"? just doin my thing
I'm guaranteed to rock and make the microphone sing

Ladada Ladadada (4x) with scrathing

Biz in charge and, yo i'm livin large and
Oooh I like it like el debarge and
In the tune I can croon with a bank and a ?
So hurry up and get the six smokers out the room
Before I catch asthma or emphysema
You can catch me in a playsport or a beamer
I rip and rag, play freeze tag
But since I got older its all such a drag
But it dont matter now like purina cat chow
The first beat I did was meow meow meow meow
Dont have a son or daughter even though I oughta
Its almost ten years since I rocked at the quarters
Roof top program ? baby what a man
Now I plays the tunnel ??
Yo paul, let the music cease
When I count to three everybody say peace

Chorus til end