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Artist: Biz Markie
Album:  The Biz Never Sleeps
Song:   Biz in Harmony
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Aaaaaahh yeeea
The diabolical is back again
But now I want the Killerforce Connection
And we gonna do it in harmony like this

We're the Killerforce MC's
The best in New York city
So let us put it to perfection
While we change it to the Biz Mark connection
Other crews in this section always try to ban the connection
They got together and they combined
Tried to hurt us from time to time
But it didn't work.. as you see
The Biz Mark is in the place to be
So come on party people, get into the groove because-
Biz Markie is gonna bust the mood

Biz Markie.. hey that's me
You know that I body rock to the T-O-P
And I'm the born sureshot you can't resist
I'm gonna take your girl with my sweet kiss
And he's TJ Swan that's his name
And if you're rockin to the beat, I'm to blame
I got the power to get you up off the wall
And get you on the floor, so you can have a ball
The cut master Cool V
He is the man that's at the top of the key
Of course he is fast you know that he is slick
So many fly girls jumpin on his dick

So let's rooooooooock, until we reach the tooooooop
And we'll never stooooooop, the rhythm must must to roooooock

{*shout outs until the end*}