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Artist: Biz Markie
Album:  The Biz Never Sleeps
Song:   Me Versus Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*scats*} Biz {*scats*} Mark

[Verse One]
I'm the original B-I-Z
The Emeza-Emeza-Emeza-Emeza-A-Rrah-K-I-E
Everywhere I go, I always G
I'm thinkin somethin that you never could see
Doin the beatbox and the R-A-P
That's why I'm the Inhuman Orchestra, Biz Markie
I'm here just doin my J-O-B
So I can reach the T-O-P
As soon as I get to the T-O-P
Then I will be D-O-N with the E
I rock New Jersey and N.Y.C.
Whether it's at a club or a block party
To my man Capri, Starchild and Brucie Bee
{?}, Baby J, and DJ Marty
The title of the song in the place to be
Is not this or that, it's "Me Versus Me"

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
{*Biz Markie beatboxes*}
Me versus me

[Verse Two]
I think it's time to act up and throw a fit
Cause I'm rockin to a beat that just won't quit
This is the real thing, not counterfeit
Cause everything you hear, I'm doin it
The name of a baseball glove is a mitt
And what I need on my BMW is a kit
A preacher preaches from a pulpit
And my man Benny Hill, got a lot of wit
The rhymes that I say are the ultimate
And the way out anywhere is called an exit
A real short play is called a skit
And New Balance sneakers are legit
The past tense for bite, is called a bit
Everywhere that I go, all attention I get
I used to live by the North conduit
The Biz Markie will always make a hit!


[Verse Three]
This is one thing, that I like to say
This is a different kind of rhythm and rap display
I'm not Frankie Crocker or Lamarr Renee
Cause both of them are radio DJ's
Otis Redding be sittin by the dock of the bay
I'm bound to wreck your body to the break of day
And if you wanna see me at a show, you gotta pay
Cause if you don't you will have, a little delay
Zip-de-doo-dah, zip-de-day
I'm the S-K the B-I-Z the Emezah-A-R-K
And even if I'm buggin on out, around the way
You'll never see me drinkin Tanqueray
Swan, G. Rap, Kane, Shan and Shante
Always been down with the capital J
I got a homeboy by the name of Dr. Bombay
My favorite color - is GREY!  Uhh

I can't forget I like reggae
I'm Biz Markie, and my DJ
C-double-O-L V to the break of day
Hold up, bricka-bricka-bay
Rockin to the rhythm, to the break of day
The original B-I-Z, the Emeza-Emeza-A
Best to sing, and appointed rap king, to the break of day
Everywhere I go I like break your way
And it don't matter to me, as long I give you a display
Zip-a-dee-do-dah rock the microphone and you say
The king of romance will like break your day
I'm Biz Mark, I'd like to say okay
And my favorite drink is called OJ
Hippin to hop then to break your way
Listen to me as I rock and I, say okay
To my man Rud and Superlover Cee ay
I rock to the rhythm and oh say okay
Can't forget my man, G-A, U-L
Hold up - it don't matter to me I rock swell
Hold up - you know it's, me, the
Original B-I-Z, the Emeza-A-Rrah-K-I-E
The original with the material and the ladies always know
I'm bound to wreck in like a Lincoln, always steal a show
To kick it with swing, to rock the thing, ha-heh-ha-ha-ha-hee
Known to me as the original B
It don't matter long as I say stuff you see
Kickin records of a rap technique and..
.. down to wreck your body, your moms be freakin
To my man Godfather Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-AHHH!