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Artist: Biz Markie
Album:  The Biz Never Sleeps
Song:   Mudd Foot
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"Hey Mudfoot, you know what we're here for, lay some treats on us!"
 -> Fat Albert

Yo, dis is one of the, dis dis
Yo dis is that, that's that joint
Yo that's the.. that's that joint
Yo this is another one from the, y'know
You know who it's from!  WHAT?!
Oh, now you don't know who it's from now right?
Okay, now I'ma just tell you
You know this is from the diabolical energetical
poetrical numerical new lyrical man, B-I-Z
Best on the scene, man appointed rap king in effect
If you EVER try to disrespect the Biz Markie
Disability checks you collect, BUT ANYWAY!
I'm just bringin you you somethin
A new, a new a little somethin
Because you remember me from y'know, "The Biz Mark, Biz Mark"
And from the {*beatboxing*} and all that mess
And you know all the other stuff from like, "Make the Music.."
But yo, but I'd like to dedicate this to, my best friend TJ Swan
My cuz-n, my cousin Cutmaster Cool V
My man, my man, and my man, DJ Marley Marl
Cause we in the studio doin this, this is for my NEW DANCE
So check it out, everybody ready
I think he's ready to get, I-ah-I
I-I just think he's read', I think I'm ready to get hype

[Biz Markie]
I'm the Diabolical, Biz Markie
From "Pickin' Boogers," the "Vapors" - "Make the Music" you see
But now I'm bringin to you for your enjoyment
It's an animated dance for my employment
You might remember him from Saturday afternoon
He was my favorite character on any cartoon
But when you do the dance, you can't stay kaput
EVERYBODY GET UP.. and do the Mudd Foot
C'MON!  Get up and do the Mudd Foot
C'mon, yo yo, yo c'mon and do the MUDD Foot
"Hey hey," yo hey, yo, do the MUDD Foot

Now bust this out
I'm not even gonna get into no rhymin
I just want everybody to listen to the funky beat
While my DJ Cutmaster Cool V, cut up what the name of this dance is

{*Cool V scratches "Mudfoot"*}

You know, I can't really do all that stuff
You know I'm not into that cuttin, but
I want everybody to the dance, let me show you
You see, you gotta act like you crippled
Like you just got one leg, and you know you just gotta just
You gotta just, ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-just gotta relax
and just, let the music take over your body and just chill
Cause this is the Diabolical B-I-Z, Emmezah-A-Rrrah
You know me from, "The Biz Mark, Biz Mark"
I already said that already, but it don't even MATTER
Bring the bassline back in, now bust this out
I'm just talkin about, this is gon' be the new thing to take over
The next century, cause it's gettin ready to be the 90's
And I want this to be one of the hottest dances comin out
It's called the "Mudd Foot"
You know, you you can't do "The Butt" off this music
You can't do "The Wop," can't do nuttin else off it
Can't do the "Michael Jackson"
Only thing you can do off this music is the "Mudd Foot"
Can't be doin that "Arsenio Hall"
I don't know I don't know how he do that, m-heh-heh
Or that I.O.U.'n, Scoob and Scrap'n
And anybody else dancin
Only thing you can do off this, is, the "Mudd Foot"
So c'mon, do the MUDD Foot
Yo, I, see, you know I been here
I been in this studio for about a month
I'm tryin to teach Swan how to do the "Mudd Foot"
I don't know what the heck he doin, he-heh-heh
Marley can't even do it, yo
I'm tryin to teach, Cool V how to the "Mudd Foot"
He doin the "Butt Foot" I don't know what the heck he doin
But, the way you gotta do the "Mudd Foot"
You gotta just kick it, it gotta be like flowin y'know?
It gotta be flowin!
I know everybody from Uptown, by the Apollo, Uptown
Way Uptown, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island
Long Island!  Everybody from out of state like Kansas City
California, everywhere, I can't forget New Jersey, Newark y'know
{*fades out*}