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Artist: Biz Markie f/ Faison, Lil' Kal
Album:  Weekend Warrior
Song:   For the DJ'z
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

This goes out to all the, Jam Master Jays
Frankie Crockers, Larry LeBan, DJ Screw
Darryl C, Masterdon, Doctor Rock
Scott LaRocks of the world
This is a record just for all the DJ's
that need, a record for them, knahmsayin?
And it go like this

[Biz Markie]
On your mark, get set, let's go
I make you hit e'ry emcee you know
Your eyes could not cover the whole damn place
You see everybody rockin from head to shoelace
A DJ spinnin, that's me
A DJ on the microphone, yeah that's me
Why you're havin a good time, that's me
The reason that you paid yo' money, is the party
You never heard a DJ wreck it like this
With a different twist still down to be on top of the list
Shoutout to all the DJ's who complete the craze
Funkmaster Flex, and all the radio DJ's
KaySlay to Clue and all with mixtapes
Male or female, all size and shapes
We're the new wave of the Y2K
from Flash, Theodore, Herc, from back in the day

[Chorus: Lil' Kal]
This is for the, dee-jayyyyys, whoahhhh
DJ's make the world go around go around go around
Make you feel that funky sound
This is for the, dee-jayyyyys, whoahhhh
DJ's make the world go around
Make you feel that funky sound

DJ's got you dancin, music that they play is random
Man you can't fathom
Mixtapes too, P Cutta too
Enuff to S&S they got somethin new
Exclusive (exclusive) you know how they do
This music make your mind just lose it
Girls shake that thang, have a good time
How the DJ got you feelin you can sing (uh)
Fellas grab a girl (grab a girl) grab her waist
Show your face, move your hips and move to the bass
Go to clubs cause of DJ's (DJ's)
You forget the he said she said when you hear the DJ
Oh they playin my song (playin my song)
It's one of them I gots to get it on I gots to move strong
Time is windin down (windin down)
DJ slow the music down cause I'm 'bout to get my grind on now


[Biz Markie]
This is what I love to do
Besides it bein a hobby, this is what I love to do
I love to look for records, I love to play the records
I love to, rock the crowd when they don't expect it
Love to go to Chicago where they like house and club
Even love Jamaica where they do the rub-a-dub
I like B.More, V-A and D.C.
I can break it down and so on like I'm most definitely
I can shake it in Miami, A-T-L and Carolinas
But New Orleans and Texas know my bounce is finer
St. Lou', Tennessee, Detroit, Philly to L.A.
They know I par-tay to the break of day
Can't forget Boston, Connecticut and across sea
From England, Holland, German to the Japanese
All of them are great, like a cake, and a fork