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Artist: Biz Markie
Album:  Weekend Warrior
Song:   Friends
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Verse One]
I saw this girl from like around the way
I told her I was the B-I-Z Emezah-A
She said she know my reputation, know I got clout
And like to get to know me, without no doubt
So we started havin long telephone conversations
Tryin to feel each other out, showin a lot of patience
Was a hook-up from my man, word bond she was bad
If I met her whole family I would kiss her dad
So in my mind I was thinkin she really liked me
She got a good head on her shoulder and she's no dummy
Me and her, had compatible horoscopes
But she bugged me out so bad I was on the ropes
Now when I was with her, my shoulders shrugged
Because when I reached out for a kiss and hug
She mushed me in my face, and smiles with a grin
And said this question

Why can't we be friends?  We can't we be friends?
Why can't we, be, friends?  We can't we be friends?
Why can't we be friends?  We can't we be friends?
Why can't we, be, friends?  We can't we be friends?

[Verse Two]
I knew she was different, a very special gal
For the time being, hmm I shall
Respect her wishes, she wasn't a groupie
I understand, she said she just had met me
I liked her for that, a woman with morals
She called me every day, so I saw she was loyal
It bugged me out cause I don't usually wait
But on a scale of one to ten she was a twenty-eight
We was goin out on the reg', movies and dinner
Always stay at my house, way past ten o', clock
I thought she really really liked me
I did the right thing, like my name was Spike Lee
She had her own car so I walked her to the door
Like Busta Rhymes I said, "Gimme Some More"
So I put my lips out, to get a kiss
And she said just like this


[Verse Three]
I knew somethin was wrong because my mack is correct
Talkin for six months and didn't hit it yet?
I thought I was slippin, or maybe in a slump
I felt like Eddie Murphy when he was Professor Klump
Naw it can't be, she's here every day
So I don't know why she'd wanna treat me this way
I gotta investigate like Magnum P.I.
I just don't understand, why oh why
So the next time I saw her she was unhappy
She had a frown on her face and real jumpy
I said, "Yo what's wrong?"  I was real concerned
The way she looked her life had took a real turn
She said, "I went to court today," and I said, "What?"
"If I tell you this, you're gonna go nut"
I said, "Tell me I can take it I won't pretend"
"I gotta go to jail for life, so.."