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Artist: Biz Markie
Album:  Weekend Warrior
Song:   Party to the Break-A-Day
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Biz Markie]
One-two, doin the do
This goes out to my man Truck, my man Jerome
Bilal and the whole Long Island crew
And it goes like this

Hey how ya doin it's me
The incredible unforgettable B
Izzah give me Rrah K-I, with the E
I got mo' rhymes than Muhammad Ali
Hey!  The way I get down you will say
"Damn that nigga Biz always makes my day"
My style is untangeable when you hear
Cause the brother on the mic is most debonnaire
On the, DJ tip I'm like savoir-faire
Cause you can probably find me anywhere
I'm the best from West, I'm the beast from the East
I'm the OLLLLLD SCHOOL, like a permanent crease
Like, Scooby Doo or a Chucky doll
You better grab a seat because you're gonna be here for a while
So for all you new schoolers, relax and chill
As the Diabolical tell you the deal

[Chorus 2X - scratched]
"They know I par-tay to the break of day"
  "They know I par-tay to the break of day"
"They know I par-tay to the break of day"
  "They know I par-tay to the break of day"

[Biz Markie]
"I got so much on my mind" like my name was Chuck D
That when it comes to DJ'n, I'm a Public Enemy
I rocked all colors, races and ages
When you see the crowd go crazy you will say I'm outrageous
I rocked Sinbad, Cancun, Essence and the Grammy's
Magic Johnson parties at Superbowl in Miami
First Friday, Philly, Dallas and St. Lou'
My {?}, Alex and Kenny Johnson know what I can do
Chicago with {?}, Detroit with D. Archer
New York with Gator, Lenny Smith and Lenny the Barber
I do all the hot joints like Eddie Murphy and will flip it
Still get down and dirty in Newark and Elizabeth
Keenan and {?} brothers, Pat in Orlando
Keyshaun Walker and Di-ane, {?} yo
I rock weddings from Toni Braxton, to Boyz II Men Shawn
And this is what they say, word is bond


[Biz Markie]
Let me tell you how I started in ninety-two
When I was DJ'n from Jersey to Howard U
I did homecomings from U-V-A to James Madison
And did The Tunnel, Reflect, or Kordell and Patterson
Now I graduated with DJ love
From rockin from Virginia and seein the Q Club
People looked at me and said "Why you DJ'n?"
"I loved +Oh Baby You..+ and you're a rock singer"
So the transition from rappin to DJ wasn't smooth
But I still pursued cause I had somethin to prove
July 4th and Labor Day in Virginia was hot
cause Biggie Smalls and Teddy Riley was in the spot
From {?} to Jones Street to Philly Greek Picnic
Florida and Bayou Classic and Atlanta Freaknik
All the girls, in G-strings and thongs
If you would, please just sing along