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Artist: Biz Markie f/ Jazzy Jeff
Album:  Weekend Warrior
Song:   Tear Shit Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Biz Markie]
Huh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, uh-huh
Y'all know, uh-huh, uh, uh-huh
Y'all know, uh, uh uh-huh
Check it out {"C'mon!" - Chuck D}

[Verse One - every last word or syllable is echoed]
Don't go to Getty, go to Exxon
Like "Bonita Applebum," ya gotta put me on
Got good luck like Lucky Charms leprechaun
Can't believe Freaky Tah and Big L is gone
You think I'm a mailman, well my delivery
Ain't no other brother like the B-I with the Z
Emezah-A-Rrrah, say K-I with the E
I got mo' rhymes than Muhammad Ali
Not number one but here to have fun
Guaranteed to proceed and get the job done
Y'all, know, my competition is none
Funky funky fresh from the day I begun
You rock with me, you're guaranteed to have a ball
Got a big belly, over six feet tall
My favorite team is the Vikings when I watch football
Here's another one to get you off the wall

[Chorus - unknown female while Jeff scratches]
He's Biz Markie, as you can see
He came to tear tear tear shit up {"C'mon!"}
He's Biz Markie, as you can see
He came to tear tear tear shit up {"C'mon!"}
He's Biz Markie, as you can see
He came to tear tear tear shit up {"C'mon!"}
He's Biz Markie, as you can see
He came to tear tear tear shit up, up, up {"C'mon!"}

[Verse Two - with the same echo]
Soon to be elected in the Hall of Fame
I rock the microphone, emceeing's my game
I flip so many styles, my name should be Flipper
On Three's Company, I wish I was Jack Tripper
Back in the days, I used to eat {?}litina{?}
Back in the days, my sister had a Thumbelina
Back in the days, I liked a girl named Angelina
Back in the days, I wanted to get in between her
My jingle bella, always Roc-A-Fella
Even my acapella will be a best seller
She couldn't believe what I had achieved
Funky like ring around the collar, doo doo on the sleeves
Enquiring minds always want to know
How did I get my ill freestyle flow?
I just tell 'em straight up without no B
Ask me no questions yo, here's my ID


[Verse Three - same echo once again]
I'm not Captain Kirk, or Mr. Spock
When I put the party people in a state of shock
I'm like Mark Twain, or Shakespeare
Cause when I'm on the stage, people throw they hands in the air
Wavin 'em wild, like in a frenzy
Dog in the house like I'm Spuds McKenzie
I'm just doin it, just rockin the house
Sucker MC's is spiders or mouse
Comin off the top of my head
I'm not dumb so don't be misled
When I was young, I never pissed in the bed
Always listened to what my moms and pops said
Love reggae so much, you could call me a dred
Got a big belly so you know I'm well fed
And I'm a lover-lover like my name is Ed
And I'm +2 Awesome+ like K and Teddy Ted

[Chorus] - 2X