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Artist: Biz Markie
Album:  Weekend Warrior
Song:   Throw Back
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Verse One]
I'd like to tell a story and it goes like this
Before I was makin money hand over fist
The mid-80's is what I'm talkin about
You will agree without a reasonable doubt
As I tell this tale, sittin on a pail
This is one you'll like when it's done
Only certain people know about Union Square
The Rooftop, Latin Quarter, cause I was there
Red Alert downtown, Brucie Bee uptown
Grandmaster Vic had a different sound
You had block parties, with free gifts
Mr. Magic and Marley gave radio a lift
You don't understand, but we do
That's why I'm tryin to explain it to you
So sit back and listen, to what I say
As I tell the story of this beautiful day

[Chorus: sampled]
"We'll go dancing in the dark" - HEY!
"Walking through the park, and reminiscing"

[Verse Two]
Before Versace and DKNY
There was a lot of clothes that was fly
Like Polo, Benetton, Coca-Cola and Osh Kosh
Guess jeans and others that's acid washed
D.C. wore K-Swiss and Sergio {?}Vertini
Girls wore tennis skirts, that was mini
Spot{?}, Ewings, {?}
New Balance, Fila, Nike and Elites
African clothes and medallions was worn
And when Rakim came out, knowledge was born
In the midst of it all, I almost forgot
There was a brother uptown makin his own spot
Makin Gucci, leather and suede tailor made
That had more flavor than mom's Kool-Aid
I'm gonna tell you, the name of this man
He goes by the name of the Dapper Dan


[Verse Three]
See at this time, you might think I'm strange
Cause I wore a four-finger ring, and big gold chains
Like I was Mr. T from the A-Team
It was just a sign of me makin cream
But the cars and jeeps was incred-a
Like the Audi, 280 Z's, 98's and Jettas
Cherokees, Wranglers, Suzuki Sidekicks
L.A. and West coast cars was doin tricks
Now the dances was crazy to match
Like the Pee Wee, The Wop and the Cabbage Patch
The Prep, The Snake, and "The Biz Mark, Biz Mark"
The way the Gucci Girls gave shows a spark
Now listen, to what I got to say-ah
Reagan was Pres', and Koch was the Mayor
You can't beat that with a baseball bat
And you'd never see me without my Biz Mark hat

[Chorus] - 4X w/ ad libs