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Artist: Black Rose Kartel
Album:  Rose Kartel Order
Song:   Kiss the Ring
Typed by: DaSun Akbar
Who keep your crew chanting?
You spin sixteen but two landed
Type of cat that play pool with the planets
Earth in the corner pocket, move with a halo
Lay low like foreign objects
Shoot you up and then I vanish
Throw my rugers up and two in the cannon
Y'all fucking with the rap Charles Manson
I get straight savage
Violate and get blazed straight cabbaged
(Chorus) Elohim
Kiss the ring nigga, it's the King nigga
3 Kings nigga, Elohim nigga
Y'all better bow down to the great
Y'all better bow down to 88
Talking out your face nigga
Coming straight outta the garden of snakes and cobras
Fake soldiers, who running with the Henny soldier?
Give you straight shots like Remi and Cola to bent ya over
The boy is thirsty; he'll stick Michael for them penny loafers
Smoke the burning bushes with Moses, blowing trees
Look I got the FEDS calling up the police
88 spit for OGs writing letters with night smells
Brownsville corners, all my niggas they like jail
The only thing fucked up, ain't no hoes in a tight cell
Hustle on the block trying to makes life bail
I be the .44 popper, the .44 shotter
'87 we're back life for them door knockers
That's why they don't come to the Ville
We get it crunked in the Ville
Y'all better drive-by 'cause y'all can't run in the Ville
You fuck around and get your shit toned by big chromes
Body by a nickel bag from my dawg Hassan
Six arms like a spider, C4 wire to your door
"Who want war?"
(Chorus) Elohim
Rose Kartel finest, Elohim the highness
Smack the head and crown off the King then sacrifice the Queen
Honor degree, taught us Qur'an always
Nickname be Hiroshima when I bomb your estate
Keep the flow violent, straight outta Brownsville Housing
My son's moving silence like the Nile River
A bunch of wild niggas, gangsta, no smile niggas
Which one of y'all could fuck with the style?
I deliver 88 ki's, the gun spark, Venus to Aazart
A&R's call me nimrod, 'cause I spit your head off
Leave you dead off, in and out the scene
Let the Llama tore his leg off
Get my rep on like Marley and Garvey burning partially
Who got the authority to bring it to the god emcee?
(Chorus) Elohim X2