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Artist: Black Rose Kartel
Album:  Rose Kartel Order
Song:   Murder Inc.
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Saulhaudin
Organized Crime mothafucka, Kartel nigga

(Hook) Saulhaudin
For your doe, my Kartel stick up your safe
Organized Crime Syndicate; you know it's the Rose
For your doe, my Kartel hit up your weight
Organized Crime Syndicate; you know it's the Rose
For your doe, my Kartel will cut up your blow
Organized Crime Syndicate; you know it's the Rose
For your doe, my Kartel will fuck up your flow
Organized Crime Syndicate; you know it's the Rose

My trigger men, open and fire on ways, retire, eclipse
My Kartel get hired for chips
Pack down DANE'S incase FEDS wire the bitch
Back down and lay in safe, who rely on the brick?
Pushing weight back like a blow dry and shit
For the one's, doe, co-conspire the hit
Speaking codes, the hoe's G men's tapped phone
Undercovers cover murders up then merger with thugs that eat on the streets
Black Sedans in the cuts I'm watching the FEDS duck down in conair trucks
Camouflaged surveillance, intuition want me suspicion
Seven cents fill their camcorders on me
Video tapes the move I make, the counts that I take
New York State versus my Kartel in court
No deal, sealed, case closed, no appeal's made
Fuck a payed lawyer, get sprayed, lay down
We trade rounds our dirty d, for you us treasury
Measure Gs in grams, spray tray pounds

(Hook) Saulhaudin

We cut bricks like sticks on butter, but a better-better shit
Straight out the gutters of Brownsville with box-cutters
My Kartel the Dons, to the under boss
Tote biscuits, make investments in the garment districts
Mafia testaments, family business
Militia minded, stick ya, hit ya for twenty grams in Money Grams
Rock Burgets, credit good, on side bets
Put your money down, twenty pounds of slugs in your legs
Blood on your dashboards, CD and TV, headset while your wife sleep
Gasoline in bedroom set
Detectives in protective custody and informants in witness protection
Scratch names off the hit-list, money over bitches
Stack chips on the road to the riches, made men will respect Murder Inc.
The eyes and ears of the underworld, now how do you thank?
Who pop your links? Slugs leave blood on your mink

(Hook) Saulhaudin 1/2

Smoke and stop, broke on the quarters, skimmed off the top
Watch my paper blossom in the rotten apple and spots
Open shop clocked the Bloomberg report on my stock
Corner off the market, the coroner dumping on spots
Another pumping on my script, copped the four back
Fall back, four gats in your face, shot called that
The Don El-Saulhaudin accounts the leer of the Rose
Flip blue chips, the bail bond shares in gold
Tote chromes, still wait and kill niggas that hate
My criminal enterprise's the skies
Joint venture, enter contracts, order hits on contact
Any gun bust I better know
Anywhere there's paper in the streets my cheddar grow
Cash flow smooth, my doe moves and prosper
Black Mobster feed the ghetto, ducking helicopters and choppers in cabs
Scramble phone taps, the two-hundred channel, police scanners
35 Millimeter Cameras, flicks of thugs
Speaking signed language 'cause the room might be bugged
Pat down goons before they meet the Godfather
Follow the protocol, Black Rose is funeral parlors

(Hook) Saulhaudin X2

(Outro) Saulhaudin
Yeah, Organized Crime mothafucka off Saulhaudin Rose huh?
Black Rose Kartel nigga, ya heard?
2-000 mothafucka, that's how we ride, y'all niggas die, uh
Organized Crime nigga, feel it