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Artist: Bless f/ Cappadonna, Janette Sewell
Album:  Book of Bless
Song:   Keep Rising
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Cappadonna (Bless)]
Yeah what the deal? Yo Bless hold it down kid
(Yeah) it's the one right here, Cappadon' aka diggler
You know what time it is, we bout to flame this out real nice
Yo turn the mics up, uh huh, that's what I'm talking about
(Wu-Tang, Platinumberg Entertainment, collabo of the century)
Hood Records LLC, yo Bless

[Chorus: Bless (Janette Sewell)]
Ayo what goes around comes around
They say what goes up must come down
We ain't got no choice but to hold it down and keep
(Rising to the top)
Yeah, top of the game, top of the world
Top of the charts, on top of your girl
It never stop, we keep dropping these curls and keep
(Rising to the top)

Dueces real, you know I shoot to bill
But my troops will kill and youth is ill
And my crew prevail, these dudes is frail
Shit look at what you do to sell your seat
See the truth is I just do this well
The truth is I'm in the booth with more bars than a cell
If ignorance is bliss, then Bless is skilled
This is bigger than rap dun, don't test my will
It's the B-l and Wu-Tang, ya'll best to chill
Or you'll feel them hollowtips when I wet that grill
Yeah I'm standing my ground, hands on the crown
Fuck handing it down, I'm sewing it to my head so it ain't hanging around
Tracks, I'm banging them out, w I'm after your clout
There ain't a muscle that'll put a cramp in my style
Nah, I pitty you fools
The Mr. T of this rap shit, and I'm bringing the jewels


Yo I went from broke to rich, rich to broke
I don't wanna sell dope
Trying to get money off of hot spit
Push cabs and go corporate
Even if I gotta force it
Brothers got heat from doing this tour shit
Can't let nothing distract us, chicks flipping out
Me in the grey van, dipping out
Pack suitcases, mad faces, the world races
Police chases, in this wild life we can't escape
Still trying to get this money straight
Bounce the weight, do it
Drop packages off ?balance? from Jake
We talking cd's and shit like ounces of bass
Trying to get this money right, there's no time to waste
Going to war for that CREAM, fatigues on like we in Kuwait
Hit you in the face with dirt ???


I make music, I make magic
Everytime I write a song it's like a marriage
The line hit's the paper, then it's one with the beat
Then one with the street, someone come with the heat
I do it all for the love, all because, all the buzz, all the clubs
All the thugs, ice grills and mean mugs
Gats and slugs that penetrate and made us lose those cats we love
Perhaps that's tough, there's no justice, for us hustlers
When I say keep it gangsta, understand me correct
Theg am'es about supply, demand and respect
Got a few major fans that control and connect
It all boils down to money, murder and sex
What's next? Protect Ya Neck at all costs
And get tossed fucking with a boss


[Outro: Bless (Cappadona)]
Yeah (you know what I'm saying brotha?) I feel you
(That's my word) Ayo this hip-hop thang, it's all about heart man
It ain't never gon stop