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Artist: Bless 1
Album:  Starving Artist
Song:   The 7th Day
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Verse 1:

I used to toss the leather before I got my thoughts together
Then my innocence was lost forever
Years before I started creating clever
Ways to fuse words and unloose herds of never
Chopped samples I've seen many a dreams trampled
By the same boots of men that birthed it
Ample room to grow I more than physically had
Growth is charted by my spiritual Dad
Uncomfortable in every hat placed on my head
By loved ones who enriched me to flower like bleached bread
Force fed knowledge, regurgitated the truth
Only to finally cherish what I spat on my shoes..Damn

Phone Conversation:

" and the body, how music soothes the body. You ever felt music going through you nephew?"
"Oh, all the time man, so you was.."

Chorus 2x:

This is the way that I always dreamed of feeling
I heard a rapper say music is pure healing
Colors blast, I feel like I'm living at last
I've settled in like the 7th day of a fast

Verse 2:

You might not understand the things I say
Shut my eyes in the way of church elders when they pray
Body rigid, visit the inner, I'm the host
Trying to describe how I finally felt when I chose
And sold the vehicle, walking and it's beautiful
Punch out beats for breakfast and lunch
Write songs by the glow of the moon
Business men tell me that I'm mad or emotionally blue
Turn my back on stable living through mic cables I'm giving
What's true to me, no longer budged by scrutiny
A stack of records, a box of noodles, 
Paper to doodle on and I'm good now do you homie

Chorus 4x:

Phone Conversation:

"Music soothes the body."
"Ok, it brings about  Music can change the body's mood
Music can make you more hype or make you more relaxed. Right?"
"It's human nature. So.."