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Artist: Black Lotus
Album:  Lotus Notes: 1997-1999
Song:   Live Rather Than Die
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Long Axe]
In preparation for this time, moments I design
Analyze angles and distill 'em like a wine
Drink it til it's drunk, separate the punks
Warriors of law, only compliments the funk
Signature is vague, until it leaves the page
Floating through the air, like an airborne rage
Infecting everyone, who's anyone, we get it done
Within the conversation, I exchange, information
For life is like a tour, visit areas that's new
Come back in 20 years, and your neighborhood done grew
Few new faces, spots becoming hotter
She was standing near the target, he was ducking when he shot her
What is your direction? What is your protection?
Come into my world, let's speak about connecting
Rushing to the phone, right before the message
Listen to the peace, we be back in 60 seconds
We living in lightyears, never drink light beers
My style is like a dragon, I ain't bragging, it's quite fierce
I brought a few ideas, layers in the papers
Hustle if you must, but do trust, we innovators
And saviors, of this, traditional roughness
Put nothing above this, but stress, tried to hug us
Bitter, this tasteless, money tree shakers and makers
New breeds of tape players say we haters
But as I am the master of the peace, the people after
I also comprehending this peace, we gotta master
Ultimate conscience, desire change daily
Through clouds of smokes, I see the seven and it's baby
Behind is his lady, before him is the past
Point in all directions like the rays on the flag
From black to gold, I take total control
Developing melenin, concentrate into the soul
Many have rose, but got scraped by the thorns
I saw a wounded man, try to put our flag on
Then burned his vest, had him reaching for his chest
Seven holes on your face, you trying to add to the best?
Flesh mutilation, secret destinations
Coming in the name, we will run you from this Nation
Have I seen many shades absorb this, and many pain
Is going disaccord to they orbits, destruction
I done met alot of heroes, captivated negroes
Who call themselves righteous, but advicate the lifeless
Killing, spilling blood, living thug diaries
Wood burning, see the smoke, cuz it's firary, firary
And no I can't forget my past, when Lord passed
It was a slice of death from a pie I didn't ask
But energy is either destroy, I drew from it
In a picture of life, from the base to the summit

[Chorus 4X: Long Axe]
Live rather than die, die rather than sell out
Love rather than hate, tell snakes to get the hell out
Move rather than stay in hell, another day
I know that there's better ways, and better days