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Artist: Blood of Abraham
Album:  EyeDollarTree
Song:   Know the Half
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I believe in the philosophy of Abraham
It's not just a philosophy, it's a movement
It's a movement that will become, the international {?} of the world

[Verse One]
The genesis, beginning stages, to overcome it is so outrageous
An epidemic that's so contagious, killing prophets seers and sages
Watchin all opponent stages, piece by piece right through the ages
Greatest minds locked up in cages, now you gotta flip on paging
Need to use it when you're in danger, stand alone just like a ranger
Rollin over hot coals, bed of nails and other rocks
Follow in the footsteps of the cops and cy-clops
This vicious cycle never stops, 'til you penetrate the golden area
I rise up in the air just like a fuckin Harrier plane
To see, which way the wind is blowin
It's a, shame to me, how many don't be knowin
what the hell is goin on today

These fools don't know the half
Cause they do not know the math
We just sit on back and laugh
Cause they don't know, they don't, know

He has unlimited intelligence, he should be allowed, one at a time
You, you don't understand, you don't, understand
"Explain it to me, I want to learn... learn"
You, you don't understand, you don't, understand

[Verse Two]
That's how we left but we're not goin, roots go deep the trunk keeps growin
Sweepin time, from all the sowin, you're not even close to knowin
Understandin complication, salutations to our nation
Strugglin for preservation, warriors to battle stations
Off, with the head, the king, the top
Hey, that sound, it's your conscience hearin not
Now I'm masterin my grips, I see who slips, sink battleships
And tons of walking skeletons, it's so disturbing, troublesome


"Would I have to run"  "It's so long"
"Got no time to hang around"  "Now so long"
I wish I could reach through this record, through this tape recorder
I wish I could lay my hand upon yo' head
Sorta like Oral Roberts or Billy Graham
and give you instant belief in yourself {"self" *echoes*}
"Ohhhh lord lord..."

The answer, is in the next hour, on this record
Listen closely