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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Dragonfly, Long Axe
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   18 to Party
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Long Axe (Dragonfly)]
You gotta be 18 to party, 21 to drink
(25 we struggling, old enough to think)
30 years, you wishing you 17 again
(At 45, you wanna start over again)

[Long Axe]
When I was 16, I thought I knew it all, and could do it all
Playing spin the bottle, I'm the top, trying to screw it off
Looking in my crystal ball, I see me fall
Flames from the militant games, went through the mall
Hanging out, hanging up, puppy love biting us
Fighting with the powers, and the forces inviting us
Here, take a puff, peer pressure is a must
Get close enough to toast, death four steps over
Crashing of the 21, wreckless emotions
Liquor store open up, sipping these potions
Mom very worried, weary, don't hear me
I'm all up in this music and can't see clearly
People want a college man, full of book knowledge, man
Dusting off bottles of wine, I need to polish in
I got knowledge in '91, straighten up
Started reading up, parliaments and peace God
Now I'm Universal, my life change drastic
Looking at they people, they life so backwards
We got gold under six feet of dirt
Young victims in coffins committed to the earth
An old ladies clinging to they purse like a grandchild
Robbed by a baby, with the heart of a manchild
I plan now, cuz tomorrow ain't promissed
I plan now, cuz tomorrow ain't promissed

[Chorus: Long Axe (Dragonfly) {both}]
You gotta be 18 to party, 21 to drink {18 to party, 18 to party}
(25 we struggling, old enough to think) {18 to party, 18 to party}
30 years, you wishing you 17 again {18 to party, 18 to party}
(At 45, you wanna start over again) {18 to party, 18 to party}

If I could encounter the present, I spend it on the axis
Directed to the past, hum on this and make it last
Breaking open every door, cover every angle
Live it til it's lifeless, treasure til it's priceless
An old man shaking his ass, it's your party
In tune with the funk and soul of his body
From the liquor, the women, to the lecture of the music
There's a science to my theme, let me show you how to use it
The timing, the setting, the action of a notion
The say how, the know how, the juggling emotion
No need for me to plot and plan, or run through it
Throw on my Nike Air's with the straps and just do it
Pleasure no pain, life with no stress
Braided with the breath, in time I invest
Man, you couldn't dig my youth with your shovel
Just laying in the dark, trying to hang with that trouble
Rewards no penalty, knowledge, real family
Closer to our seeds, beef entitled with the enemy
My birthday for now, 21st of December
Seventy ooh, deja vu, but just remember
Life is what you make it, shake it
Is what you make it, shake it
Is what you make it, shake it
Is what you make it...


[Long Axe]
It's never too late, to look back at your mistakes, but wait
You see him coming full speed to your face
Being young, dumb, full of cum, mixed with rum
Mixing cash, ass, it was fast, it should of last
To the last laugh, momma say, don't rush
She look back for a memory to touch
An old timers, make time stand still
Like the corner wasn't watched, passed down by your pops
You don't listen til you get back from prison
And your all wise now, telling young guys how
Time can slip through your fingertips, grab and hold on tight
Cuz it's the rest of your life
From America, each is young, you see the hell at the age of 21
They all seem fun, sex, drugs and brand new gun
But at 25, you struggling, wishing you can get it done

Say it's better to love, love, then never loved at all
If that was the case, I wanna relive it all
From parties, to clubs, the moneys and the cars
Nightwalks, pretty women, staring at the stars
Getting twisted at the bars, you got the blunt, I just split it
Neighborhood kids, they playing hide and go get it
Just listen to my words, designed to paint pictures
And maybe you can measure the wealth of your riches
The story's are endless as far as you can see
But you can't turn a party with a fake ID