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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Begga Ooh
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   Last Night
Typed by: pneumatic

[Begga Ooh]
5:00 Friday after work, I'm punchin out
Goin out, Pullin off my shirt
Holdin out the transfer, Steppin to the driver
Bout to see the dancers get a little live'r
Get home to wash up, Work jacket tossed up
Brush teeth and flossed up, John Paul sauced up
Even though the cost up, Bout to hit the enterprise
Bout to get King C action on our side
Talkin about last night, Me and my niggas
Friday my cash right, Bout to see the scrippers
Bout to sip the liquor, Prefer the Long I
Let the ones out and it's for her in my right eye
Coffee tone think thigh tryin to be alone
The niggas talk Ooh, Man you can't take her home

[Chorus 1: Begga Ooh]
(Last Night) I wanted to dance it for my girl
But I was too intoxicated and my stomach was curled
(Last Night) I was drunk and piffed
The only thing I left, Was a buck and a wish
(Last Night) Went to see the scrippers
Spent all my money and didn't unzip my zipper
(Last Night) I put some ones in elastic
(Last Night changed it all) Ohh, Now I'm a flip classic

[Begga Ooh]
Next morning, I'm hung over
Couldn't make the bed so I crashed on the sofa
Thinkin Ponderosa, Steak on my mind
Supposed to take this girl out on a date from online
Viewed the profile, I must say from the chest up
She looks real good but I think it will be messed up
False picture, False name, Internet hacker
Built like a player horse, Center for the Packers
Stomach overbored, Just round like a bagel
Stretch marks just lead around from the navel
Eyes color hazel, Pretty voice, Seems fun
Rest in peace brother, But she looks like Rerun
Not to be mean son but I feel ashamed
I got a key it to Alisha like I don't know her name
Nor would I kiss her even off the worst drug
I couldn't get my arms around her if it meant a worth hug

[Chorus 2: Begga Ooh]
(Last Night) I felt like Nah Ooh
No you didn't meet a piggy girl off Yahoo
(Last Night) Domino's delivered man
Fuck the steak house I couldn't be seen with her
(Last Night) Life wasn't worth a smile
Can't believe a pretty picture is her real profile
(Last Night) I went on a blind date
(Last Night changed it all) And literally, I made a bid mistake

[Outro: Begga Ooh]
Woah, Yeah, Woah, Yeah, Yeah
Begga Ooh, (Your ass was there)
Yukon Black, Bolo's Kitchen, Yeah
Come on yall, Yeah, Yeah, Uh huh
Black Lotus, Dragonfly, Our side
Whooo, Begga Ooh yall, Last Night
Last Night, Last Night, Last Night
Last Night, Last Night, Last Night
Uhh, Uhh, What, What
Uhh uhh uhh uhh, Leave it, Leave it
Leave it, Leave it alone nigga