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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Long Axe
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   Marching
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Long Axe]
Gotta keep moving, Gotta keep marching
Gotta keep walking, Gotta keep..

[Long Axe]
Modern day William D, Will Shakespears
Clear out of it, Killer mentality
Calm personality, No palms together
Closer to the song but wrongs key forever
On the night stand snackin on the future
Got those kilobyte surgeons workin the computer
Losing control of this black empire
Them rap vampires never stand by you, They not umpires
But they will know when I strike, Knife ya, Light ya
One thing that I know is re-direction
Like a singstress bring it on in, Seamless
We's at one with the gin, Run with great men
Got issues, Unlimited subscriptions
My addictions spill on the paper
My attention is focused on the paper
So what's greater, Greater less then never that man
Cause we got action, Cameras rollin'
They eyes on the prizes, Priceless words
They money talks so..

[Chorus: Long Axe]
I'ma keep marching, While you walking
I'ma keep teaching, While you talking
And you let me go when I'm tossing
You a dry seed I'm a flosser
I found life and you lost em
You talk shit and too false then

[Long Axe]
Guns like Superman can save the day
Rhymes like asphalt can pave the way
In a way I'm like Gil standin' still
Wine is my doorway so don't lock the wheel
Hand on the wheel stay driven
Paths through my past get fed in the kitchen
Bolo like a musical emerald, (Baby)
To and fro with the general, (They haunt you)
Follow the general don't surrender your arms
Hold up your hands Black Lotus with the charm
The grand organ shake'n your organs
'Til your organization is no longer important
Begga Ooh and Jane King without the O.E
They smash your mail box underground with the low key
Open the door black wolves will stay smokey
Nigga fly, Applies the pressure to your openings
Shoulda went further outside, I mean you slow king
I'm not sayin that we all know it all but I know things
I'm not a doctor but I knows about poking
*Cough-Cough-Cough* I see you choking

[Chorus w/ ad-libs]