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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Begga Ooh
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   Some Go, Some Stay
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Begga Ooh]
Yeah, I wanna dedicate this to my Grandmother
Mother of five, Grand to plenty, Nana
And Father Lord, Tootie, Peace King
And all the people that fell and went yall, Uh huh

[Begga Ooh]
I came a far way, Nothin more, Nothin less
I had to maintain even since your death
What's left, I even think of up North so quite often
A picture stumbles of you layin cold in a coffin
I lost many luckily not to a gun fight
Whose in control cause this world aint run right
We puff right, Alcohol relives stress
Like my brother Tootie, Now he at peace in his rest
It's showin from this test that livin couldn't get better
Man this shit aint right, We had routines together
Roach clip my the feather, Smokin green, We're paid
Talkin about my Mom's sister who died from AID's
Shoutin liquid in the main I guess times was ruff
I guess easy waters didn't get you high enough, What

[Chorus 2X: Begga Ooh]
Some leave, Some stay, Some go away
Some carry on, Before you know it they gone
when they leave, It rips your soul out
And that's it kid, They just roll out

[Begga Ooh]
Yo my Grandfather died even though we wasn't close
But I remember bein sent up to the store for the post
A young lad, Little Tonka toy mind frame
Well disciplined, Order belt buckles to your Hanes
I shed pain, Cried puddles, Family hugged in a huddle
Tearin, And now who's next is what I'm fearin
Steerin to the left to avoid a wreck
Ends up in a wreck, The one snaps his neck
In a sudden intersect now the times is turned
And I still can't believe Father Lord returned
Then his room got burnt, Lost tapes and files
I learned a lot from you God, You a man from a child
It's wild now all we do is pass the block
And I'm hearin will the members of the Beggas even drop, No