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Artist: Boogie Down Productions (D-Nice)
Album:  Blast Master Tapes: The Best of the B-Boy Sessions
Song:   Scott Made Me Funky
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

On the mic I rock, used to have a cheeba spot
I was frontin cops, but then I stopped
Because never one time was I sent to main
But a gunshot wound sure do bring pain
I know you can't relate right now to what I'm sayin
Cause in your adolescence with pain you're still playin
Cause D-Nice the 808 is an adult
I got no religion, I need no cult
It really doesn't matter what you can't afford
Because you can be strangled by my microphone cord
And either way you put it doesn't matter to me
Because I still get off scot free
Cause Scott made me funky {*echoes*}

No mistakes to the speaker, I'm another teacher
From Boogie Down Productions, you know somethin
If I didn't mention, the crew that you savor
Called BDP, I'm the third different flavor
If I were to grab the mic and start dissin
All you MC's out there should start listenin
To see whose name is next on my paper
You wanna see who's next well just wait a
minute, to see what we've got here
Disrespect my name you get rocked here
So keep walkin, why even make a stop here
Try to mess with me, you get shot here
So don't sleep on me you better wake up
Grab your microphone and just shut up
Cause I wreck with the mic that I'm holdin
Play me close your eyes'll get swollen
I hope that I'm showin, I do work
I'm down with KRS, Boo and Red Alert
And everything I write turns out to make money
You know why?
Cause Scott made me funky {*echoes*}

{*"Scott LaRock" cut and scratched*}

I'm on the microphone, you're in the audience
When I'm done rappin, I should get an applause for this
For what I stand for, don't let it come to this
You tryin to diss me, you know that you can die for this
Now many can try this, and have backup
I got books of rhymes I got stacked up
Bein funky, is somethin that I recommend
Cause I'm funky, and now I'm gettin paid again
Stop, let's continue with the session
So stop guessin, the teacher of the lesson is the TR-808
I guess that you can say that's me
And to my brother Scott LaRock, peace! .. peace.. peace..

{*whistle noise scratched*}