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Artist: Boogie Down Productions (Levi 167)
Album:  Blast Master Tapes: The Best of the B-Boy Sessions
Song:   Something Fresh to Swing To
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Levi 167]
Right about now (right about now)
We're gonna give you something a little.. (a little)
Dope dope, d-dope dope, dope
Dope dope, d-dope dope
But before we get into somethin dope
I wanna know all y'all homeboys out there ready to play the game (YEAH!)
Fly girls out there do you know how to play the game? (YEAH!)
Party people do we need any rules for this game? (NO!!)
So let's play

Well, I'm, Levi, one-six-seven
Levi! ..
Comin out your face, for no apparent reason...
Let the fact remain, as the hardest I reign...
And I teach the lesson, because they see I'm fresh and...
Should, make no exceptions for the passengers in sections
They come up with the dope entertainer to rock this jam session
This is the game, and we're all a bunch of fame
Party people in the house what's my name?
Levi! One-six-seven

Certainly, you think it's hard work for me
Over blunts and tea, I write the dope lyrics easily
See I have arrived to rock you live
Throwin up with many discos and adult street joints qualified
Distant in the visual, in rap not a musical
Combining dope rhymes and beats to rock as usual
Slayin the hit list, only suckers get dissed
My job's to rock, so c'mon and let's do this
Spit knowledge off the head, my partner is a dread
Bronx New York is where we live, and I have come to give
A concept out of a lecture, more like a mild sedative
Levi! One-six-seven

(Levi one-six-seven)

Never take lesson from a lady so I test her
Naturally violent, I quicker undresss her
But proud of what it takes {?} impress her
After she's impressed like a damsel in distress
I scheme to ask her whereabouts and address
If she tells me then I'm on, if she doesnít then Iím gone 
But what I have to say you see it has to go to spawn
Cause Iím Levi, a self-conscious person
Never fail in rhymes cause I write and rehearse them
Written and perfected, corrected and wrote
The moral of the story is I think fly girls are
Fly girls are, fly girls are... dope dope

Dope dope
D-dope dope, dope

Dope dope
D-dope dope, dope

Dope dope
D-dope dope, dope
Dope dope
D-dope dope, dope
Dope dope
D-dope dope, dope
Dope dope
D-dope dope, dope {*fades*}