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Artist: Boogie Down Productions
Album:  By All Means Necessary
Song:   Jimmy
   The J, the I, the M, the M
   The Y, the J, the I, the M
   It's Jimmy!
   It's Jimmy! x2
   Verse 1
   Here is a message to the Super-Hoes
   Just keep in mind when Jimmy grows
   It grows and grows and grows, so let it
   But keep in mind about the epidemic
   When Jimmy releases, boy it pleases
   But what do you do about all these diseases?
   Jimmy is Jimmy, no matter what
   So take care of Jimmy cos you know what's up
   Cos now in winter AIDS attacks
   So run out and get your Jimmy Hats
   It costs so little for a pack of three
   They're Jimmy Hats for the winter attack
   Good for a present, great for lovers
   Demonstrated by The Jungle Brothers
   Protect your Jimmy and keep it fresh
   They're Jimmy Hats by KRS
   So, remember you're never too old (Jimmy is wearin' a hat)

   Remember you're never too bold (Jimmy is wearin' a hat)
   Do me a favour, wear your hat
   So Jimmy...will have the opportunity to come back
   Verse 2
   Well, Red Alert is down with BDP
   Teachin' you all about Jimbrowski
   I don't wanna hear that you're not with it
   Turn around and see your butt in a clinic
   Havin' doctors just poke at Jimmy
   Let me express what now what's in me
   Too many people take too many risks
   Too many people I see get dissed
   Jimmy Hats are now in style
   Cos you can't trust a big butt and a smile
   Some are dry and some lubricated
   Many companies make and made it
   So all you Super-Hoes, wear your hat
   Cos drippin' Jimmies is straight up wack
   Keep in mind about Jimbrowski
   Jimmy Hats by BDP
   The J, the I, the M
   The M, the Y, the J, the I...
   It's Jimmy!
   It's Jimmy!
   The J, the I, the M, the M
   The Y, the J, the I, the M
   It's Jimmy!
   Repeat chorus