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Artist: Boogie Down Productions
Album:  Edutainment
Song:   The Racist
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   I've been taught to respect my elders and behave
   Even if when they were young they sold slaves
   Truth and understandin' is what I crave
   In the land of the thief, home of the slave
   Turn your page to a brief demonstration
   Cos now in '90 it's strictly information I'm givin'
   Teachin' on a regular basis
   Today's lecture is about The Racist
   We're not out to exaggerate or diss him
   But show the symptoms and facts of racism
   Understand The Racist ain't equal
   There's about five different types of racist people
   First of the five different types of cases
   Is the individual brought up racist
   Here you have young men and women
   Brought up in the Great White Way opinion
   This opinion introduced by the parent
   To the civilised becomes transparent
   The civilised man could look through the faces
   Make the analysis and see The Racist
   Number two case which y'all must hear
   Is the individual racist out of fear
   Here you have people that fear the African
   And conjure up new ways of trappin' him
   Number three is the unconscious racist
   Not knowin' they're racist they invade your spaces
   They say, "I'm not a racist, I'm not a bigot"
   Yet they allow it to go on and won't admit it
   Number four is the money racist
   The one that used the topics of sheer economics
   They say, "Owning a business isn't for the black man
   He don't want that", yet they went and took his land
   Damn, that's like a rock in a hard place
   You don't have your land yet this ain't your space
   America was built by every other race
   Except the European that runs this place
   What a waste, America's doomed
   To be overthrown by the righteous real soon
   But last but not least racial prejudice
   Is the black man speakin' out of ignorance
   Whitey this and Ching-Chow that
   Is not how the intelligent man acts
   You can't blame the whole white race
   For slavery, cos this ain't the case
   A large sum of white people died with black
   Tryin' hard to fight racial attacks
   The media wants you to think that no whites
   Really fought and died for Civil Rights
   But once we have a true sense of history
   You'll see this too as a mystery
   If black and white didn't argue the most
   They could clearly see the government's screwin' 'em both.