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Artist: Boogie Down Productions */Scott LaRock and the Celebrity Three 
Album:  Man & His Music */Advance 12"
Song:   Advance
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* sold by "South Bronx Records" in the early 90's; authenticity unknown

[vocals: KRS-One]
Lesson one lesson two lesson three lesson four



Every generation after every generation
All the world nation headed for annihilation
I say annihilation but I mean disintegration
An absolute wipe-off from the face of every nation
If you comprehend, you're allowed to ask a question
What could be the meaning of degeneration lesson
Lesson 1 lesson 2 lesson 3 lesson 4
The newly presentated rap for nuclear war
We have elevated far beyond the Rapper's Delight
So party people close your eyes and use the mind for the sight
We must understand the basic complications of light
Before the atom is split, and the world is destroyed
If you're jamming to the sound; this is what I employ
To live in understanding and the knowledge of joy
This is the rhyme for the time, elevated through the mind
If you comprehend what is a definite sign
That the positive and negative electrical force
Of the whole world today, is on an advance course
C and O with the S H2O PO4 
Can all be destroyed by a nuclear war
So to the black white and Rican, Indian and Oriental
Muslims, Christians, Rastas, Jews, Gentiles 
We've got to advance, we have got to advance
When the situation changes, we don't stand a chance
'cause every generation after every generation
We got to find ourselves in some worldwide celebration
Not with registration or a cotton plantation
But just a presentation like more communication
The kids in graduation, with lesser aggrivation
Will tell the other kids of this higher education
This higher education, which is really observation
Or more self-realization which will lead to relaxation
Not evacuation; for fear of bomb mutation
A pact can't help these [commies?] send some army transportation
This army transportation has sent abbreviation [?]
USA, which means you start annihilation
I seem to read the praise while I'm in this transportation
At those who think of war need to practice conservation
I man what I say, 'cause I say what I mean
So listen to my voice, yes we have a choice

You see We got to advance; we got to advance
'Cause nothing in our lives ever have a chance
We got to advance; we got to advance