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Artist: 12:41 [Scott LaRock, KRS-One, and at least two others who alternate lines]
Album:  Success is the Word 12"
Song:   Success is the Word
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Money, Money, money, money...
[human beat box begins]
SUCcESS... [Gilligan's Island theme]
[imitating Mr. Howell/Jim Backus] "Hey Gilligan, my boy... Success is the word!"

I'm going to travel by jet to the south of France
Hit the fine ladies; put them in a trance
So party people; say what you want to do?
Dining on my yacht in Paris too
With the finest gold and drive a big car
Sun roof, Rolls Royce, everything [we are?]
Fine wine, champagne, Don Perignon
Sparkly like crazy to the break of dawn
Up and down and on and on
The party won't stop until we drink the lawn [?]
I'd buy a hundred room castle, [in Madrid?]
and [b]arking[?] through the night with my man LC

To be a [???] you got to be the best
Able to pass the most vicious test
You got to put it all together, and keep it cool;
'Cause with success comes money too
You're gonna take your time to get it right
And work real hard both day and night
You better punch that clock [that's up?] on the wall
'cause with success, you'll have a ball
Money; fame, and fortune too
All these things are here for you
If you take your time, relax your mind
Put it all together instead of wiggling your behind
Say you want to be something, have a good life
But how you gonna do it if you don't think twice
You see your momma gives you love so strong and true
She's always buying time trying to - help you
She said what you can conceive you will achieve
But in your [???sounds like "butt"]  you will receive
Riches, growth, and so much fame
You got to pay some dues if you play this game

S-U-C-C-E-SS (2x)

A Mercedes Benz and lots of friends
I've got video; I'm having so much fun
A big bank account, and so much clout
I want to be the one to turn it out

I want to be the king, of the playboy swing
have diamond and furs and all the casual things
Hang out with Liz; travel round the world
I even have a flavor of [dope style?] girls
King in the [???] 
Down for the fun in Montego Bay
Or would you prefer Miami Beach?
It's not - that hard to reach
By boat, by car, or private plane
With cash money, you can go INSANE

[***the record that caused the Bridge War!***]