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Artist: Brand Nubian
Album:  One For All
Song:   Dedication
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Grand Puba]
C'mon Alamo, let's swing it
Before I get this wreck, I like to take a sec
To say this jam here is dedicated to some of my favorites

I like to dedicate this to PE, I like to dedicate this to BDP
I like to dedicate this to the X-Clan, I like to dedicate this to Heavy D
Kiss my mother bye 'fore I hit the road of stardom
Put away my rhymes, make sure the pimps got em
Just cuz I'm a rapper, doesn't mean I'm not a fan
My favorite, Rakim, Big Daddy, Kool G and 
LL who always keep the girls jingling
C'mon honey dip, you can jingle on my (Yo, cool chill)
When it comes to female rappers, bust it, here's a few
MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, and Linque
What more could I say, I wouldn't be here today
If the old school didn't pave the way
Hats off and I'll never forget
Cuz if it wasn't for them, there wouldn't be no rap shit
Back to the track of the new
For short you can call me MC Grand Pu
I made this splendid cuz that's what I intended
Don't try to break it cuz you just can't bend it
I got a bad habit, see I live hitting skinz
Well if hitting skinz is wrong then forgive me for my sins
C'mon Ak, I'm straighter than 6 O'clock
So what you oughta do is flow wit the flock
My sign is the fish, yo, also loving on my disc
It's cool, I got dismiss cuz I hated liverwurst
But here I am, a rapper, my best friend Pos the dapper
Tony X who I grew up wit in a jet so
Shake the motion if you got the notion
Puba rubs off on ya just like lotion
I'm not conceited, girls say that I'm attractive
They describe my love and that's being hyperactive
I'm just a brother who likes to romance alot
Look at me as the black Sir Lancelot
That's right, your knight in shining armor
If I went to college, then my major would be drama
Or theatrics is more like my tactics
If you want the proof then lay down on the mattress
Swing wit the swinger, I can be a singer
Alamo controls the beat wit just one finger
If you wanna swing to this, you better take precaution
Alamo, when you hook it, make sure there's no distortion
Here comes the two, better known as the babuloo bad boys
Who makes much noise
Two Express, no local stops
It's time to get fat and collect our props
Kamikaze like Japs, you roll a 7 in craps
And if you think that this is booty, yo, it ain't no half
Met Lisa Simms, she bought a gear from Vin's
The knucklehead got her pregnant, now she got twins
The type of brother to stand out, always keep my hand out
To help another brother, what is taught by my mother
Good to the drip drop and I won't flip flop
Straight to the tip top in this here hip-hop
My style varies and my vocal carries
To El Segundo where I seen Q-Tip
Sipping on khaluda wit this honey dip
So. c'mon baby, spend the money, don't save it
Cuz this jam here I dedicate to some of my favorites
(Some of my favorites, some of my favorites)

Hey yo, check this out
I like to dedicate this to Chuck Chillout
(I like to dedicate this to the Awesome Two)
I like to dedicate this to Red Alert
(And I dedicate this one to Biz Mark)
I like to dedicate this to De La Soul
(And this one goes to the JB's)
I like to dedicate this to EPMD
(I like to dedicate this to Kid Capri)
I like to dedicate this to Andre
(I like to dedicate this to Puffy)
I like to dedicate this to the SD's

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