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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   Temptations
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Going out to the Muslim Hip-Hop..

[Chorus] x2
When they turn you on [Think twice] Temptation
When you get the feeling [oh no] Temptation
When you're driving home [to the right] Temptation
Free Free Free the occupation

Wake up - you think your young but you're not
Time is running short and the fires getting hot
Stop, drop put your head down to the floor
Shaitaans whispers will leave you wanting more
More drugs, booze damn you just name it
If it wasn't for Islam those could be my favourites.
You got to sacrifice, think twice
Recover yourself for the afterlife
I want the Hurul ayn to be my wife
And I hope the book is passed to me on the right
Because tonight, I'm going to get ready to fight
Ain't nobody stopping me from seeing the light

My Naffs, wakes with me in the morning
Helps me out every time I start yawning
Doesn't stop me from my desires
Doesn't even care if I burn in the fire
Get out, Get out you animal self
Leave him alone and you can burn in hell
So many times I showed it the door
But it just won't leave it comes back for more
It comes back with a stronger temptation
Trying to make me have pre-marital relations
Makes me look at all these food sensations
Leads me... in a life of pain