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Artist: Brown Boy
Album:  Livin' Shady
Song:   Superman
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[Brown Boy (Lorene Rose in background)]
I know you're hurting right now... (Yeah)
But don't worry...
I'll be your Superman... (Oh, no)

Chorus: Fingazz
I can love you like no one can
I can be your Superman
Just take my hand, let's fly away
I promise I'll be there everyday
Just close your eyes, let's start to fly
I'm gonna love you until I die
And 'til the day of my death
Til my very last breath
I'm gonna love you when no one's left

(Verse 1)
Come fly with me, baby
Yeah, I'm the one with the
'S' on my chest
Forget about your ex
He don't know what love is, he just failed the test
Plus, he don't treat you right
He keeps you crying all night
See, he's like your kryptonite
I came to give you that strenght so you can leave him behind
You can start all over, just press rewind
Cause he don't understand that you one of a kind
So sweet, so sexy
And just so fine
I will fight til my death just to make you mine
I will never neglect you
Never have time to stress you
And always respect you
Girl, you like a
Hidden treasure, and I promise to love you
Now and forever
Oooh, para siempre
Te prometo
Te voy a amar
Hasta la muerte

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
I'm the type of guy that will stand by your side
To wipe them tears when they fall off your eyes
I'm the one you hold when your nights is cold
The one that stays near
To fight away your fears
You ain't gotta be scared
See, I put an end to your ex
No more beating you up (Uh uh)
Or pulling on your hair
See, I came to save the day
A man like that shouldn't treat you that way
And I don't understand why you'd take that route
Look at yourself
You're beautiful
Inside and out
You need to drop that zero, uh
Let me swoop you off your feet
So I can be your super hero
Do you follow my lead?
I guarantee you, baby
I'm all that you need
See, you can change your plans
All you gotta do
Is call on me
And I can be your Superman

[Lorene Rose]
Will you be by my side
For the rest
Of my life (For the rest of my life)
Will you love me, until, I die

Repeat Chorus

[Lorene Rose]
Til no one's left
Til no one's left
I'm a love you
I'm a love you
My Superman...
My Superman...