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Artist: Brown Boy
Album:  Pocos Pero Locos: Cyberbanger (Compilation) / Represent The Brown
Song:   Next 2 You
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[Brown Boy] + (Lorene Rose in background)
Come on, girl
You know I love it when I'm next to you (When I'm next to you)
Yeah, when I'm next to you
Only you, girl (Oooh)
Come on

[Lorene Rose] When I'm next to you
[Brown Boy]   I feel my heart going boom boom boom
[Lorene Rose] When I'm next to you
[Brown Boy]   I wanna do all the things that you wanna do
[Lorene Rose] When I'm next to you
[Brown Boy]   I can tell that I'm so in love with you
[Lorene Rose] When I'm next to you

(Verse 1)
[Brown Boy]   I probably go crazy if I didn't have you, baby
              Cause every little thing that you do, you amaze me
              It's the way that you walk
              Your boy so soft
              I love it when you talk
              Whisper in my ear
[Lorene Rose] Will you always be here
[Brown Boy]   Cause I need you near
              Living in my world
              Standing by me, girl
              I would never give you up
              Not even for a million bucks
              I must've been hit by an arrow
              Shot by Cupid
              Or could it be something you did
              Cause my love for you
              Only grows and grows
              I wanna love you down, from your head, to your toe
              Makin' love slow
              Anyway you want it
              Girl, you got me high on your sex like
              Your way
              Right away
              Let that Secret out
              When you wear that lingerie

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Brown Boy]
Like a touch of a rose
Our lips come close
The scent of your body
Makes me naughty
Your pretty brown skin
Makes me sin
I could never get enough
Even if you had a twin
Cause you got that touch, that special touch
Ain't no love lost, cause I love you too much
Ain't no need to rush
Let's take our time
And let's rewind
To the day we first kissed
Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
I thank God
For sending me this
A girl like you
Simple and cute
Don't care about my money
Cause you make your own loot
You're amazed by the smaller things
And what life brings
You think about the future
And what it could be
Just you and me
In ecstacy
Or a fantasy

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
[Brown Boy]   As the years a-passed, and the days gone by
              I thank you, girl
              For standin' by my side
              Better pick me up when a teardrop falls
              From my eye
              That'll put a smile on my face
              When I frown
              "Daddy, gimme kisses and hugs"
              And when I'm down, forget about the rose, go around
              Cause I only want you and only you
              And girl, that's true, cause you know
[Lorene Rose] When I'm next to you
[Brown Boy]   I get this feelin' inside
              That I just can't hide
              No explanations
              No room for temptations, your sexy little style
              You drivin', meanwhile, got me feeling on your booty
              Doin' my duty
              Sittin' in paradise
              Sippin' on somethin' nice
              You'll never think twice, I took a chance on your lovin'
              When I rolled the dice
              And you know that, girl

Repeat Chorus

[Lorene Rose]
When, I'm
Next, to
When I'm
Next to