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Artist: Bubba Sparxxx f/ Dan Rockett
Album:  Pain Management
Song:   LaGrange
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[Bubba Sparxxx]
I was, livin small, dreamin big, inconsiderate
of what they said a country boy could never represent
I might as well have said I wanted to be an astronaut
Pluto is doable, bein a rapper's not (what?!)
I've tried to listen but I ain't hear a damn thang
Sacrifice or regret, pick your path mayne
With either path comes pain but with sacrifice (what)
The pain is temporary (what) regret, that's for life (oh)
I ain't proud of a lot of what I had to do
In survival mode (damn) I kept my Bible clothes
But God's gotta know, my heart was never not
aligned with His will, my mind was hell-ish hot
It's His goal, when it's wrong then He'll tell me stop
If it's too right; well then a few nights
I stayed up, no sleep, just a heartbeat (what else?)
And some tear drops; but momma feared not
I'm comin home

[Chorus One: Dan Rockett]
Take me back home to LaGrange
Walk me down that country lane
Where the air is clean
The sun upstairs is calling my naaaaaaaame

[Bubba Sparxxx]
I mean I just gotta say
It is the way it is man
The things have changed
And not necessarily for the better, you know?

They ain't fightin out here no more, no more
They got guns and they know for, know for
No hundred G's so dear of course, of course
Nobody wins in war except the morque
My hometown is different, from how I remember it
We never was innocent, but killin is senseless
The world is a battle zone, not just the Middle East
Not just big city streets, LaGrange is a little beast
Still it's my home though, you only get one of those
I owe it respect no matter what change it undergoes
Makin the muscles shows, people'll evolve
For better, for worse, bless and a curse, I need y'all
So I'm right back here, I swore if I ever left
I never would return, it feels like I never left
Never say never, is the lesson
The destination's the journey in what you make it

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two: Dan Rockett]
Take me back home to LaGrange
Walk me down that country lane
Momma open up your door
The Southern son is comin home to staaaaaaaay


[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Outro: Bubba]
I'm comin home...
Comin home
I said I'm comin home