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Artist: Bubba Sparxxx f/ Rodney Adkins
Album:  Pain Management
Song:   Right
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[Bubba Sparxxx]
In a way it's the mistakes I make that let me know I'm livin
A full assortment of feelings, baby I know I feel 'em
And most the time I'm feelin the way I feel
cause I'm thinkin the way I think and I'm livin the way I live (so real)
And some lessons I learned, with some I ain't concerned
And some of 'em do matter, just gotta wait they turn
Cause when the pain of stayin the same out-weighs
The pain'll change, I'll probably change my ways

[Chorus: Rodney Atkins]
One of these days I hope I get this right
Put the puzzle pieces all together one time
Not a worry in the world weighin on my mind
Rollin slowwwww annnnnd eeeeeasy
One of these days I hope I learn my lesson
Get it figured out so I don't have to keep guessin
Maybe when I'm 80 and I'm takin my last long ride
I just might get it right

[Bubba Sparxxx]
E'rybody know how to ride that horse 'til they own that horse, and it's buckin
They all woulda did it like this, shoulda did it like that 'til they get it like that
Nobody wanna walk that walk and when they on that walk, and need crutches
Hope nobody give it right back, I hope nobody did 'em like that
My pops is older now, and his life is slowin down
And he's still tryin to get it right, get it tight, cause what he's knowin now
ain't nothin like what he thought, ain't nothin like what I know
But what I know I think, this life I love it so


[Bubba Sparxxx]
Ha ha ha ha, wooo...
Maybe when I'm 80 my baby's babies no longer babies
I will still be talkin crazy 'bout the moral law{?} to raise ya
that I'm gon' be makin as soon as tomorrow's sun is raising
And I can just appreciate the fact that it's been amazing
The puzzle pieces, they fit together as God intended
He never asked my opinion, He had just dropped me in it
I'm grateful, I'm thankful, I'm better for all of it
The good and the bad, the indifferent, all of it
Let's go