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Artist: Bubba Sparxxx f/ Dan Rockett
Album:  Pain Management
Song:   Wicked World
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[Bubba Sparxxx]
There's no midnight train, no jet plane
No speed boat to usher in a hope
It ain't enough dope in the state of Idaho to make her feel whole
It ain't a strong enough rope to hold the weight of her soul
The love in her heart has slowly departed
and the seeds of her deeds became the loneliest harvest
She replays those moments like doin it enough 
might somehow change the past and reshape the present
It was 11:11 on August the 4th
when the GPS of life forever altered his course
And all the time machine dreams, and all the remorse
in this world and forty more, couldn't heal up the sword

[Chorus 2X: Dan Rockett]
She's livin in a wicked world
What a wicked world
She's livin in a wicked world
What a wicked world she's livin in

[Bubba Sparxxx]
She just wanted attention
She was dependent on it cause as a child she was showered with it
It don't matter how she get it, hit her, or hit her
with the dick or the fist, her own brother used to try to kiss her
... Not like on the cheek
Like at night when she was tryin to sleep
Maybe she kissed him back on occasion
She was a real party favor
You couldn't hardly make her pick one
Tonight all the boys havin big fun
But soon the eagerest beaver looks in the mirror and sees her
Odder this become fun girl fodder, got her


[Bubba Sparxxx]
She settled down to escape a duplicate of dad
A quaint suburban pad, and soon the two had had
their own seed, a reflection of her is full speed
In the bless it's as if the girl had made a wish
And God granted it, happiness busy plannin it
But uh-oh, girl's night, Friday night, she's hammered and
Thinkin 'bout the fact that she's still only 23
And plus, Lilly may not really be Billy's, she
in truth could belong to a multitude of dudes
More lies to disguise the ugly truth in you
She goes home to inform them the ensuin storm
Leaves her and lil' Lilly to momma's
and poppa's, aww naw, this is hard y'all
"Can you watch her tonight mom, cause pa's off
And me and him and Jim and Ben are hittin Nitro
DJ TiŽsto is spinnin, but just tonight though"
Of course tonight turns into a week with no call
And then she finally shows up to find her clothes all
packed up, so is Lilly, and all that dad says
is "I done raised my kids, that's it"
So her and Lilly trudge over to pa's crib, but
he ain't havin it, "Nope, suck a dick slut"
They crash-landed in Cali as a true train wreck
You'd think the party was over, but it ain't yet
Her and Lilly, the queens of the city, day and night
Don't even sleep, two hearts beat, but it ain't of life
Then one day Billy calls and he's been contemplatin
the life he had with his favorite girls, the conversation
goes well for a spell, but then the chat turns
to meetin up, gettin somethin to eat, he had earned
a little extra money workin on the weekends
"Let me talk to Lilly-bug" - she ain't his really, what?