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Artist: Buggs Tha Rocka f/ Little Brother
Album:  Let's Get Away 12"
Song:   Let's Get Away
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[Phonte adlibs]
Ay baby, you ever wanted to just like
Just, just go somewhere and like
Just feel the sun just kissing you on your shoulder
Y'knahmsayin? You ever wanted to just like
Just go somewhere expensive with a whole bunch of white people
and just walk out naked on your balcony with just the ankle bracelet on
I feel like doing that baby, let's go

[Chorus: Phonte]
Baby I, wonder does it ever
Cross your mind, cause it seems we never
Take the time, to say "Hey babe, let's get away" hey
We can fly, somewhere and just lay a
Waste of time, take a flight and write our names
Across the sky, so baby girl let's get away hey

Hello my lovely ladybug, I love to kiss and hug
A little backrub, bubble bath you too
We can cuddle close and the closers can fade
Have a cappuccino on the way or say we
Kick it like a Sensei, Oscar de la Renta
Shoes on your feet, we can tap-dance the night away
Let's change the forecast for the day
For your foreplay on the first-class get away
By the shores of The Bay, far away from the controversy
Rose petals when you lay and
Forever we can stay (baby girl, look)
Just your silhouette, made me want a cigarette
Addicted to your love, I think I need Nicorette
Shorty lay on the private jet
Bout to land in Thailand just to watch the sunset
So undress and I'll finish the rest

[Chorus: Phonte]

Yo, stress on your brain ain't good for the business
So I'm all mine, online booking the tickets
That's our number one rule
Boss lady at your job and the paper is cool
But every big fish like to play hookie from school
And get caught up in the trip to the pool
Or a night on the town, out of town just to show off your jewels
Just to relax and throw off your blues
More often, less walking
Not talking, girl I show and I prove

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Ain't no need to pack a bag, I plan to pop tags
Go somewhere warm, put our toes in the sand
Go somewhere cold, each other we'll hold
The latter is what I prefer, truth told
Another show sold out
That mean more money in my bank account
That mean more time we can spend away
Enough of the talk, let's just do it today

[Chorus X2: Phonte]

[Phonte ablibs]
Yeah, from the Natti to the 9-1-9
It's Little Brother, my man Buggs, what up? (What it do?)
Tiggy Sinatra on the motherfucking hook
Sounding like money, sounding so sweet
Sounding like goddamn raspberry velvet
They don't even make raspberry velvet
But if they made it, that's what it would sound like
My nigga Rapper Big Pooh sounding like goddamn honeycomb comforters
They don't even make honeycomb comforter
But if they made it, that's what that shit would sound like
My nigga Buggs sounding like motherfucking lavender silk throw pillows
They don't even make those
But if they made them, that's what it would sound like, peace