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Artist: Cage
Album:  Kill the Architect
Song:   Kill the Architect
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I still smoke like a Rastafarian
But stopped getting fades cause I look too Aryan
Walking on you motherfuckers, so hilarious
Got gum under my shoes, trying to live vicarious
Born good but became nefarious
There ain't a whole deep enough for you to bury us
Start thinking, get the blood pouring
Paid, living poolside can be so boring
Thinking it's the end and I don't walk Orwellian
The angel dust got me to talk to aliens
Marijuana had me so distracted
And alcohol made you ugly bitches attractive
Worth it's weight in gold, you think your soul is
Try to get it back and can't get your head into showbiz
I don't give a fuck who your hero is
A moment of silence for my Tero Smith

(I think the thing we have to take into consideration here
is that we're dealing with a man with a mental health issue
saying these things. This isn't a child trying to be shocking.
This a grown man with a noted mental health background, and
I think that's what really makes it a little more disturbing,
and I think that his work should stay right where it is, right at the bottom.)