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Artist: Cappadonna
Album:  The Cappatilize Project
Song:   The Anointing
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Cappadonna]
Yeah... fire and brimstone, the anointing
Yo, straight up and down, black music, yo

The black ATG's on, Louis Vitton
Yo, I'm feeling quite right tonight, ya'll
Big Cappadon, still low in the cut, with the gold fronts on
Chilling out, ladies loving, my socks bugging me out
I'm on a paper chase, stay fly
Henny to waste, pistol on the waist
I ain't trying to catch another case
Up on the tour bus, Theodore Unit
Entrepreneur status, the big baddest, family matters
Weed blowing, listening to Gladys
Soul babies with the 18 karat, solid gold rings
Smash BB Kings, annihilate clubs out of state
Cappachino the Great, my nigga Ghostface, we stay laced
Bubble letters with the rugby hats, we were the thugs be at
Clubs react, niggas wanna be us
We g'd up, back on the block, re'd up
Chicks talking, wilding niggas walking, tell ya story walking
Take caution, I got the flow sick, put dough on the hits
Snows all over the bricks, got hoes all over my shit
Stand back, while I blow this bitch
Every day, my whole dress code switch
Don Diggeler, top of the line
Certified rhyme buster one time, milk this cow
The best way I know how, raising a mild child
Original O.G., beats could never hold me
Laid back, just aligner, what me and my Co-D
The ice cold O.E., my name is tattered on your H.O.E.
Labels could never control me
Goldielocks stay creepin' with the cold ass heat