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Artist: Cappadonna f/ Q-Dini
Album:  The Cappatilize Project
Song:   Don't Turn Around
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Cappadonna]
Yo, I wanna dedicate this song right here
To everybody that feel like giving up
Thought it was too rough for you or whatever
There's no turning around, there's no looking back
Chase your dreams, do what you gotta do
I got your back

Picture me turning around, cuz I'm already set
In the game, and I'm holding it down
I went from, rags to riches, riches to rags
From Baltimore to Staten Island, slums, driving in cabs
Never gave up on my dreams as a young teen, serving the fiends
On my block with my Puma's and jeans
Been many places in the world, used to be out in Queens
Me and my China, AB, my doola since rock
A couple years before Biggie and Pac
I remember stashing cracks in my little shoebox
Now I'm back on the grind, claiming a spot
On tour with Ghostface, I love it alot
Me and my whole team hungry still stuck in the grot
Rather be out in the streets than being stuck in the box
What up, I just here linger with my two foots up
I don't have to play the six, now, I be in the cut
I be lamping like a lamp post, you loving my touch
Crack smiles at the hoodrats, they cracking they Dutch
And it's music I for soul, that's why I'm never gonna give it up

[Interlude: Q-Dini]
That's right, you can't afford to give it up, cuz
Don't turn around, ain't no looking back, you know
This is the better life movement right here, you know
Ain't nothing back there for us, we gotta learn
From the things we did in our past, gotta push forward, you heard?

There just ain't no turning around, no matter what happen
Gotta push forward, knew my vision was clear ever since I first saw it
Used to carry a stacks, but now I can't afford it
It get real in my life, that's why I camcord it
Sometimes I'm down on my luck, but I always fought it
Constantly moving, I'mma keep climbing up the ladder
Locking the evil out until my pockets get fatter
Helping momma love, cuz you know that's how I do it
And when my babies call, man, you know I jump to it
And ain't no looking back, don't forget in past sentence
Stay focused, maybe I can push another Benz
Up on the radio, get a little more spins
I keep writing cuz I'm feeling like I got the wins
If I ain't home, probably next door at Trina Kim's
Thinking about investing time into our future
Still carry the torch and sing a song for Luther
And through the process, I'mma steady, keep love my neighbor
And give thanks, Jesus Christ, be my lord and savior

[Interlude: Cappadonna]
Uh-huh, yo, this one right here is for everybody
That thought they couldn't make it
Want to give up on their dreams, yeah
Don't even worry about it, yo, it's gon' get better
Just don't look back, man

Yo, it's no more turning around, Popa Al told me
Keep on holding the crown, I got my two feet
Posted on solid ground, I know my daughter look nice in an African gown
And for my seeds, yo, believe me, I'mma keep it popping
I told ya'll before, quit can never be my option
This one's for Bill Cosby Jr. and my man Cochran
That's why I'm putting my heart, into another doctrine
And still giving my best, that's why I'm steady rocking
Loving my people, while I'm thinkin' bout Christmas shopping
Throwing darts cuz we try'nna keep these albums dropping
I ain't selling no crack and I ain't picking cotton
Get a nine to five, what? Man, you think I'm stopping?
I'm going hard for my people, gone not forgotten

[Outro: Cappadonna (Q-Dini)]
Yo, Dini? (What up)
Yo, remember you used to be chasing them cars, man
In the streets (I'm saying them days is over for me, daddy)
I hear that (remember them days, when you used to come through
To cut through the building, with the get ya on your side
With the fucking...) Mask on... yeah, son
Them days is behind me, I'm saved now
(So I guess it's safe to say, we gon' move forward with this)
Until them future songs, with a new psalm
(Trying to Cappatilize) Off of everything we doing