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Artist: Cappadonna f/ Lounge Lo
Album:  The Cappatilize Project
Song:   Get Paper
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Lounge Lo (Cappadonna)]
Yeah (yeah) what we do (come on Dini) huh? (1-6-Ooh)
Yessa yessa my lord (Park Hill Productions, the mic'er son) faggots
(Uh let's do this, turn it up, yo)

[Chorus: Lounge Lo]
If you see us on the block getting paper
Chump, you better bet we got that thing on our waist
And if you niggas don't think that it's major
Then we'd gotta shoot you right dead in your ---

Sometimes I feel like the whole world was built around me
I used to sell crack until this music shit found me
The streets remain deep, but not deep enough to drown me
New York chop it up, get it cooking like ground beef
When me and Lounge put it down, baby, it sound sweet
We worked hard for this for shit, putting in work
It didn't take long for us to put our foot in the dirt
New York City of dreams, glamorous, iced out
Fly whips with the fly crib, chicks on the couch
Skyline, city of hopes, American lifestyle
We ain't waiting for that gwop, we wanting it right now
Fuck being broke, I wanna live like a white child
My slums bust gun, base let go and white owl
Forever on the grind, suck pussy and get paper
Cell phone, two-way pager, all my niggas stay major
Like Comrad, bombing the tracks like Arabs
Money for grabs, let's get it, New York fitted
Sliding out the door with a bit-itch
Tell your wifey don't snit-itch, let's get rit-ich
Tell 'em Diggeler did it, that's how I love to spit it


[Lounge Lo]
You might see on the six train, riding the subby
Along some bad Puerto Rican chicks, and none of them ugly
Staten Island's Most Popular Son, do what I do
Fuck licks, I got chips and I carry a gun
I told the Don to hold me down, I got some shit to finish
And this is Blood Brothers 2, without counting the minutes
One, the take-out food, I break your dude
And have your daughter raped in school, after I ate your food
I like the pen, but I hate the grooves, hate niggas
Who talk shit, and like they wanna trace my moves
Like where I'm coppin' the hard at and how much grams cost
The mayor of my block, I've been holding the damn torch
You see he go, it's BZ Mode
With a Yes Lord, Yeah Man, easy flow
Times up, rhymes up, man, CD gold
I take it back to the Ooh and get one sixty dough

[Chorus 2X]