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Artist: Cappadonna
Album:  The Cappatilize Project
Song:   Goon Skwad
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Cappadonna]
Yeah, Goon Skwad, we will not be oppressed
Revolutionary rap, holla, ahhhh
Don't get it twisted, thou shall stand up
Goon Skwad hold it down, ahhhh

[Chorus: Cappadonna]
Goon Skwad, real niggas that represent, it's the
Goon Skwad, bitch niggas, best to repent, it's the
Goon Skwad, what? Coming, to pay the rent, it's the
Goon Skwad, thug niggas be getting bent, it's the
Goon Skwad, niggas with attitudes, it's the
Goon Skwad, big niggas that eat your food, it's the
Goon Skwad, yeah nigga, we coming right, it's the
Goon Skwad, hand grenades, ready to fight, it's the
Goon Skwad

Don't you ever get it twisted, when we
Walk in the club with that, shiny biscuit
We come in peace, for whoever, wanna kick it
It's the Goon Skwad, peace to Ruff Ryders, they down shifting
And pop them gears, fall back on they knees, and make it
The cops be coming round trying to get my goons a ticket
It's the Goon Skwad, when we in the spot, them games be doing things
Getting my niggas, lick a shot and you might get shot
Some people be falling down, trying to get to the top
Them devils be wanting you to stop, giving you praise
Make us a lot, what you gonna do when you find yourself left on the block
Goon Skwad, it's the Goon Skwad, ahhhh


Major figure niggas don't play that shit
We back to munching, we kill and spit, we like them thongs
And them bras be on them chicks, Benzitos and them Hummers
And spoiler kits, Nikes and fitted hats, how them ballers get
Women be shaking they ass, flashing they tits
Niggas be fronting and stunting, making you ball your fists
In trouble with them Bloods and Crips, put depot niggas
And them niggas who be slinging bricks, VD up in them time
My niggas don't ever slip, fuck around and get your face whipped
Goon Skwad, hit me on the hip, ready to flip
Coming hard, it's the Goon Skwad, Goon Skwad, it's the Gooon Skwad, ahhh

[Chorus 2X]