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Artist: Cappadonna f/ Lounge Lo
Album:  The Cappatilize Project
Song:   Holdin'
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Cappadonna]
Park Hill Productions... that's my word
Diggiler... yo

It's more lonely at the bottom, than it is on top
More niggas grinding it out, making it hot
It's me, I straight hustle and be cabbin' a lot
Cappadon', same brothers get stabbed and shot
I'm in the hood with ya'll, for real, ready to rock
And I hold the big shit like Big and Pac
Come on, test my spot, come on, test my spot
Come on, test my spot, come on, test my spot

[Lounge Lo]
Aiyo, I spun through the ghetto, took a flick of the struggle
The big boy pushing the hard youngings, getting in trouble
Told the Don that I needed a hustle, and so he told the kid
You rock tanktops and need no muscle
But I live for the block, my wife and babies
And baby moms out of town, is like 'fuck you, pay me'
Killah Hill 10304, that's what made me
I'm in the hood, so good with it, fuck 'em who hate me

[Chorus: sample (Cappadonna)]
Oh, I'm holding (more love and knowledge)
Yes, I'm holding (want a sound kids in college)
Oh, I'm holding (more ice and paper)
Yes, I'm holding (we gotta see where life gon' take us)
Oh, I'm holding (more love and tricks)
Yes, I'm holding (we gotta hold our head in the bricks)
Oh, I'm holding (we gotta hold our head in the bricks)
Yes, I'm holding (we gotta hold our head in the bricks)

Aiyo, we travel through the world in expensive life
Made it through the difficulty and we came out right
We be in the clubs all night, smoking and drinking
Wake up early in the morning, start working the ink pen
While the beats in our circonference, manipulating the mind
We on the blocks hustling, participating the grind
Or associating with snitches, protect our riches
Superstars in the hood, what, slums and ditches
That's straight New York shit, feds take our pictures
We live in vanglorious times and beautiful days
Of amped, from the former life, now we kings
Yo, the struggle is for real, sometime we had to rob and steal
Just the ghetto way of life, hustling, keeping it real
Respect this, if you know how it feel, uno
Longevity, we on the come up, Park Hill Productions


[Outro: Cappadonna]
Uh, with Park Hill 10304
Park Hill Productions, what up B-Rock?
My brother Bizzy, what's really doo-doo, man? (suuuuu)
Young spark that booga foot
(Let's get it, 06, The Cappatilize Project)