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Artist: Cappadonna
Album:  The Cappatilize Project
Song:   One Night Love Affair
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Cappadonna]
What's up, now, write a love song

The first time I saw you, it was love at first sight
No DJ, the crowds or the cordless nights
It was just me, I stood in front of you with the ice
You had rooms at the hotel, I asked you the price
You smiled at me, it was ever so bright
I got your name and your number, called you the same night
Me and this other chick, we're just having a fight
You said hit you up whenever, you can make things alright
We hit the club out in Towsden, Yellowman performing
I held your hand tight, made your feelings start pouring
Every hour's incredible, not a minute was boring
That's what I like to do when I ain't out there touring

[Chorus: female singer]
Babe I hope you're calling me, tonight
I wanna be with you, oh yeah, hey baby
I just wanna lay with you tonight
I wanna be with you, alright, hey baby

Girl, I'm all caught up in a one night love affair
But I be acting like ya'll don't care
And no matter where you at girl, I'm always trying to be there
Creep with you, even if it's only for the weekend
Down in Baltimore, the fly spot eating
Sometimes we be together just talking that love shit
Like when I meet chicks at the club and shit
It's not the same, I crush those hoes, I ain't playing games
Cuz I don't want niggas to know that we on the low
Sex on the roof, sex at the most
Sippin' on Mo', you know you love how Original flow
We caught up in a one night love, and I can't let go


You might see me in the mall scoring
Butter Pecan Ricans, with the fly Chocolate Deluxe
Money ain't a thing, I might still spend a few bucks
But you know Don, I wanna crush til the sun come up
Breakfast on the beach, baby, the eggs all done up
Hold you by the waist, while I suck your whole tongue up
I'm caught up in a one night love, all strung up
I might run after the chicks, sometimes it just wait
Chill at the crib, and take 'em out for a date
Keep it on the hush, and whatever we do, girl
It's all between us, we got a good understanding
We don't need trust, we laugh, you tell jokes, sparking a Dutch

[female singer]
Oh, love be, so special, so let's make love tonight

[Chorus 2X]